Certificate as Delegate in Jakarta MUN 2017

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Certificate as Delegate in Jakarta MUN 2017

Dear readers, I just have Certificate as a Delegate in Jakarta MUN 2017. Honestly I only attend the Gala Dinner, because the first and second day of JMUN time is in the same time with JLSOPL 2017 (please refer my previous article) and on the closing ceremony, I went to the Borneo Festival in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. But eventhough I can only attend in the Gala Dinner, I learned a lot about diplomatic issues from First Secretary of Belgium Embassy in Jakarta, Mr. Guillaume. My friends and I were in the same table with him in the gala dinner. We have a fruitful discussions from the very modest conversations, for example "why we are going to Jakarta MUN", "what is our bachelor degree", "do you enjoy to acting as diplomat and representing such countries here", etc. Until a very serious talks about European Union current politics and climate change. Mr. Guillaume can also speak French, so sometimes I speak French with him.

For me, the staffs of Jakarta MUN is really nice, especially Miss Reefa who is always answering my questions about everything on the WhatsApp. While being busy with a delegate from the Philippines, Miss Reefa was really helpful to take me a photo in the center of the gala dinner's place: The Grove Suites, Kuningan, Jakarta.

Here, I want to thank all of the staffs, chairs, delegates, and sponsors who can make this beautiful JMUN 2017 happens.

If you guys want to apply please refer this explanation about JMUN:

Cited from the website https://www.jakartamun.org/:

Jakarta Model United Nations (JMUN) is  the biggest International Model United Nations (MUN) in Indonesia which  first-ever held in the capital city of Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta,  by ISAFIS (Indonesian Students Association for International Studies) in  2011. JMUN  offers an opportunity to experience the challenges of international  negotiation and diplomacy. In JMUN, participants will act as a diplomat  from the particular country then discuss international issues like the  process that occurs at a UN conference.

Throughout  the conference, delegates will gain insight into the workings of the  United Nations by actively participating in the resolution of important  global issues. The  first edition of the Jakarta MUN was held in 2011. Jakarta MUN 2011  successfully attracted more than 300 delegates ranging from local  universities to foreign universities. Jakarta MUN 2011 has marked a new  era for MUN in Indonesia. Since then, Jakarta MUN is held annually.

Six  former Jakarta MUN which were held in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and  2016 have successfully brought changes for youth in spreading the ideas  and values of diplomacy as well as developing knowledge of the issues.  This has made Jakarta MUN as an international phenomenon. Jakarta MUN  itself has many programs besides the conferences, such as social events  and supporting events. Jakarta  MUN participants do not only come from big cities in Indonesia, but  also from various countries like USA, UK, India, New Zealand, Australia,  Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana and many more.