My Journey of Volunteers in Relawan Nusantara

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My Journey of Volunteers in Relawan Nusantara

Relawan Nusantara is one of big social community in Indonesia, because all province has it. This community will requirement people who wants to join it, but you must have responsible and commitment because of this community always busy for help environment. This community consist of teachers, college students, motivator, and the other occupation. So, this community gives me experience, knowledge, and humanity. Unpredictable, this community can success to give us a right way with their good habit like a pray on time, share, and sincere. Let me tell you about my experience to find this community.

I joined this community since 2017, start from my curious and find a way to decrease my lazy in a weekend. Then, I try to put the keyword of "Relawan" in google and Instagram until I feel this is enough, maybe I can try next timebecause there is no interesting account or article, but in my unpredictable, there is the Instagram account of "relawan.nusantara", it makes me curious and I check post on this account.

There are so many activities which they do together. Next, I try to send my question about how to join this community via direct messenger, it makes me wait. 2 days later, I get notification from that community, they give me a good response. They ask my personal info full name, age, purpose to join, etc. After that, they promise can contact me again. My ambition have lost. I forget about that community.

2 weeks later, I get a chat from someone who I don't know him. I think someone who wants fad me but in the fact, he is head of relawan nusantara East Jakarta. Shocked, he invites me to join this community and he talks about recruitment of volunteers. Actually, I accept that but he asked me to join interview as a one of compulsory requirement, but I cannot come because that schedule is my time to school. As you know, I don't come as you know I always think maybe I can try next time.

2 weeks later, this time to the orientation of volunteers. Head of relawan nusantara east Jakarta chats me again to send the invitation to orientation. Actually, I don't have the intention to come but he asks me to join it without thinking about the interview. Finally, I decide to come alone without any preparation and it makes me the loss of way because I don't know where the office is. In short, I arrive at that office although I already feel tired. They make increase my motivation to join this community, it seems they accept me.

As time goes by from orientation, so many activities they do it without me because that schedule always crashes with school activities until someday I think what I do not same like I think before it.I decide to come. Short of story, they begin calling me "bungsu" and almost all call me like that. As during time, I feel comfortable and proud them without reasons, although I think I always make troublesome but they always accept me and think if I haven't adult, I'm still a teenager. If they meet with me, they often buy ice cream to me. Sorry, I feel shame because I tell it here.

The Year of 2018. Honestly, I very love them. They always show good action in front of me and never bring their problem, despite I know so many problems come to them. God, please give they so many happiness. They are my hero, motivator, and family. They are my second family in Jakarta after my school. I believe God always bless all of you, guys.