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30 Days Writing Challenge Day 9: The Butterfly in My Stomach

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30 Days Writing Challenge Day 9: The Butterfly in My Stomach

Dear Eternal Flame of mine;

Ever wondered why you never fail to enrapture my heart?
Is it because of your beauty?
Or perhaps it's because of your wisdom?
Or the love that you've been holding in your bosom since then?
Would you like to know the answer?

Know this, o the flame of my heart
The mutual feeling that we harbor now deep inside our heart
Is the one and that binds me unto your soul
That strengthen my bravery to stood up and protect you
That gives me the reason to spend my time, listening to your mellifluous voice

Girl.. Would you hold my hand to travel to tomorrow?
I can't promise that the light will be as bright as today
There will be storms of emotions
There will be hard conversations that we would face
But know this: I will always be there, for you, and unto you only

O Holy Lord, my Almighty Lord
Words could never be able to explain my feelings
How grateful I, for you to paint my life at such colors
God.. I love her.. As big as I love you through this blessed life you gave upon me
Thank you, my Lord, for the given chance to feel a flaming heart
I, as Your child, will always took care of your blessing
Let this butterfly flutter inside my stomach for a longer time
Till death separate us apart, till we rest in peace, and till we finally face Your holy throne together
I pray and pray, wishing the best of what You bestow upon my life
And I shall continue, my journey to seek Your divine wisdom
Together, as I hold her Hand

Here's to you, o burning passion of mine: Betsy Kurniawati Witarsa

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