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30 Days Writing Challenge Day 6: Happiness in Loneliness

26 Desember 2020   14:00 Diperbarui: 26 Desember 2020   14:01 73 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Let me begin this with the most annoying question that I believe people have asked to you "Are you happy now? Are you Happy with being a Single/Taken by someone?" Think about it deeply first before you answer it, this is not a shallow question that you can answer naively. Why? Happiness is something that can be fragile and biased, sometimes, we pretend to be happy though we are not, won't you agree?

To me, Happiness is both something that can be made by ourselves, yet also can be found lying around in the world. A good example is that when we eat good food, we are happy, when we met someone lovely, we are happy, when we found a treasure, we are happy, but for how long? Yes, a Happiness that is found in the world is something that might not be for a long time, unless if we make it, and tend our happiness like a precious plant. I personally found my true Happiness is something that I made by myself. It might not be something that is real, but it can be something as abstract as peace, calm, quietness. I can always found happiness in the meals I had, I love culinary, I just hate going from A to B. I wish foods can just come to me wherever I am, haha :p

Now, back tot the topic, you might want to ask me "Do you like being single? Or would you love it more having a relationship?" My answer will be: "I am grateful with whatever God gave me". I had been Single for 7 years, I had those times where I was fed up with any dramas in relationships and I don't want my life to be vexed with those kinds of dramas. Yet I also learn, that having a relationship is also beautiful in it's own uniqueness. 

Being single is amazing, you can do anything you wanted without having someone to worry about you, yet having a relationship is also amazing because you have someone who cares about you, and look out for you as they live their life. So which one made me happy? The short answer will be "God made me Happy" Yes, whatever I had in this world are because of the Lord's love upon my life as an imperfect human full of sins. My happiness, is a gift from God, He has given me so many opportunities to smile, to laugh, to feel joy, and to be grateful day by day.

Having a relationship is great, you have a partner that you can ask him/her to join in anything you do, being alone, is also a great thing, you can enjoy life without any dramas and tiring arguments from your innermost circle. Being Alone does not always means we are sad, nor happy, because being alone is our decision to give ourselves some space from the world. So how can you be so lonely yet you can be so happy? The answer, will not be as easy as you ask someone. You have to experience yourself where you have your space in the world where no one can touch you, and the only people who can touch you are those people who has been chosen by you.

So now, how happy are you with your relationship now? Are you happy being single? Or are you happy having a relationship with someone. Cherish your answer, and remember that whatever your answer is, it is not permanent, because anything can happen, and it's just you yourself who can decide, will you stay with you answer, or will you move on?