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Using Daily Planner to Improve Student's Performance at School

7 Desember 2022   14:34 Diperbarui: 7 Desember 2022   14:37 36
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Are the students happy that now they can go to school again? Are they really happy with that? Some  may think that they enjoy the days when they studied at home since they had more time for "me time". It was really a blessing in disguise, right? But now, the new normal school life seems to be so true. Look! Here they are now competing each other, happily, fairly, with full of spirit.

This COVID-19 brings huge impact to students' life. I ever read an opinion said that many activities transformed into online quickly, but the attitude can't follow. My concern is on the students' responsibility in finishing assignments on time. This is why I suggest students to use daily planner to make their life as student better.

Daily planner might not give the best score to students, but it will help them to improve their performance and attitude towards school. What they have to do is prepare the to-do-list. I suggest to start with school tasks or homework. It sounds clich but it will really work if students use it consistently.

I think using daily planner gives students many benefits.

  • Firstly, it helps students manage their time. It is important because they need to bring back their good habit in learning that might be lost during the pandemic.
  • Secondly, using daily planner allows students to focus on important activities. When school starts to be back off line, they might find it difficult to adapt other activities for examples doing the house chores.
  • Then, these gives students the third benefit; it helps them to improve our productivity.
  • Students' performance at school is improving when they can finish their homework on time. This might improve their score too.
  • Fourth, daily planner is a place for records of their performance. It is very useful even to parents and teachers, as a control tool, if they use it wisely and honestly.
  • At the end, daily planner will give students a sense of accomplishment.
  • When students checked off everything on their to-do list, I'm sure it will give them good feeling and keep them motivated. They will even enjoy their time away from work more when they know they've finished everything, or at least the most important things, on their list.

Our biggest enemy is actually ourselves. The fear of trying new things, laziness, postponing our works, underestimating ourselves are more than enough to be obstacles to our success. We have to fight them. It is not easy, but it will be harder later. Believe that we can do it. I believe a small step that we take today will bring big impact to our future. With daily planner, we can try to be the best version of ourselves.

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