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Why you should pets a bird? Is it benefit ?

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Why you should pets a bird? Is it benefit ?

There are a lot of animal that have benefiticial for human life's.  For example as a pets, because studies has shown that pets can decreased blood pressure, decreased your loneliness, make you more active in outdoor activities and also increase your socialization. But did you know bird have a lot of benefit as a pets ? well let find out !

From our imagine, bird is a cute animal, there are small, furry, and have beautiful whistle. But most of us doesn't know that bird have benefit also as a pets. First, bird have long lifespan which mean you don't have to losing your pets within a few years. This is great, because bird will fill your loneliness (Vetbabble, 2020).

Second, Bird also can decrease your lower stress. How is that work ? Well, when we playing with and talking with a pets like bird, it can decrease your stress and also decreased your blood pressure. That's good for your health. Even when we patting  and stroking the bird, it can help to decrease bird stress level. What a win win for both of owner and pets (Vetbabble, 2020).

Third, it's can help sharpen your mind and diminish dementia. Our mind obviously getting down as we grow older. But, we can sharp our mind by teaching tricks to your bird. This is will keep your mind sharp, at the sametimes entertaining. This brain exercise is better than medication promoting healthy cognitive functioning (Vetbabble, 2020).

Fourth, it's can help develop our motor. Why? because NewsBuryPortNews has been explained that when we feed our bird, this will give positive impact to our body especially to exercise our finger so isn't stiff (Jybmedia, 2020). 

Fifth, maintain eye health, bird it's really active to move in the cage. When we watch it, our eyes will exercise without we realise it. People who like to pets a bird can take advantage as alternative therapy. This exercise for our eyes really easy to do, because the only thing that you do it's just watch the bird move. (Jybmedia, 2020).

Sixth, can make us feel relax. We know that bird have beautiful whistle, this sound will give feeling calm and relax. Also, when we hear whistle bird in the morning, it can increase our spirit with additional fresh air in the morning, it will be a heaven to start the day. Beside that, bird lovers turn out really happy whenever hear the whistle of bird. The experts reveal that for a thousands of years of revolution, bird whistle can be as a sign of safe environment (Gaekon, 2020)

So from that explanation, we know that bird can give a lot of benefit especially for our health. It's bring our mood back, relax, and take a time to enjoy the beatiful movement of bird. So definitely it's whole new experience to pets a bird. 


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