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Hosting a Contest? Is It Effective?

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Hosting a Contest? Is It Effective?

So this hosting a contest basically strategy to promote your products by host a contest for your costumer and fans. You can determinative with via vote count. This is a great strategy to advertising whether you're a small business or large on. Because this tactics will make a lot of people know about your brand. 

For example, when you're hosting a contest about your new launching brand, people who join your contest will share it to other to help vote. This is will make your brand appear and knowing by other who first didn't know about. This tactics will more affective if a lot of people join the contest, so obviously a lot more people also share about your brand.

Hosting a contest is the same strategy as a giveaway contest where a prize is given away to a participant chosen from pool of entries at random. Usually in giveaway contest people must share your brand as a requirement to join. This advertising is still a lot happening in our social media such as Instagram. Beside that, there are a lot of user in Instagram so is a great way to promote your brand with a big amount audience by using giveaway contest or hosting a contest strategy.

Hosting a contest or doing giveaway contest it's actually can be an inexpensive way to promote your brand. Because you can budget for the cost of the prize. At the same times hosting a contest can build your following website or even your social media brand. And also hosting a contest doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. Which is great for small business out there.

People who win the contest will get the prize from our brand. So this will give a chance people to try our product. If they like it, they will repurchase again. Also they can share to other people about the benefit of our product because they already try it.

The last thing, this old way of advertising bring a fun games to customers. Everyone loves the chance of winning, so there's nothing more joyful that delivering the good news to your winners. So you can share your love from your brand to the costumers. This is for sure hosting a contest really effective to this day.