"Save Our Earth By Reducing The Impact Of Global Warming"

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"What is global warming?". Global warming is current increase temperature in earth surface including land and water and also the atmosphere. The process of global warming at the start of pollution or smoke from factory or fossil fuels that contain carbon dioxide. After that, smoke will be going up and make temperature on the earth increase.

When the temperature of the earth increase, many things on this earth begin to be disturbed. Start from a dry river, pole melting, and forest fires. That effect can make damage to an ecosystem in the earth. Many living things lost their habits and will die soon.

The problem of global warming should have attention from government and from our self. We need to save our earth. For example, in 1914 ice mountain in Alaska still in great condition. But, in 2004 ice in the mountain melting because of earth temperature. That is the same problem with a melting of north and south pole.

Effect of that problem is rising sea levels. If sea has increase volume, the land will flood with sea water and will cause damage. Beside that, in Arizona especially June 2002, Arizona river in normal condition. But, in 2003 the river becomes a dry river and many fish dry of draught. From that problem, we know that the fish die because lost their habits and this has an effect on the fish population in the world and also food raw materials. In the first paragraph there is the cause of global warming and if we have the problem, we will have the solution and about global warming, we can't stop but, we can decrease the effect. What can we do to decrease the problem?

First, reduce our emission. How to reduce? we can reduce the emission gas with using wind power because wind is the eternal energy and solar power. And the other simple things that we can do to decrease global warming are turn off our computer or television if we don't use it. Computer and television have radiation and using electric energy and radiation produce hot exhaust air that could have an impact on global warming. And the others like plant a tree, using recycle method, and saving electricity. it's all a simple solution that we can do starting today.

Global warming has a dangerous effect on living things like plant, animal, and human. The global warming effect also can make extinction on this planet. We as a human that living on this planet should be decreasing global warming and stop doing something which is the opposite of the solution. Make alternative energy that is environmentally friendly and makes use of eternal energy like wind and sun energy. If we understand this planet need us and we want to help it. Earth will save from global warming effect.