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"The Advantages of Internet Banking for Businessmen"

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Nowdays, technology increasingly advance to help our daily life. Many innovations are made to make our life easier. The innovation comes in every aspect of life and banking is not an exception. There are lots of finance applications that influence banking. Internet banking is one example of finance applications. Internet banking refers to the provision of electronic banking services via the internet, commonly through a personal computer (PC) or other access devices with internet capabilities (Gkoutzinis, 2006). Internet banking also has a lot of advantages especially for businessmen.

The first advantage is the always-on services (Sanli, 2015). This includes the 24 hour service that always on and open wherever and whenever we are as long as there is an internet connection. With this service, businessmen could operate their business in an effective and efficient way. There is no need for businessmen to go to the bank and queque for hours to do a business transaction with clients. Other than that, the 24 hour service in internet banking also allow businessmen to scour their business account and the transactions that have happened. This 24 hour service in internet banking really facilitates for businessmen to operate their work and business.

The next advantage is the high security (Ahenkora, 2012). Internet banking ensures account security for all clients. It can be seen from their system adaptation that powered by the central bank itself. Since the system is powered by the central bank, all of the data, information, and transactions that have been done will only be saved in the bank.

 So, there is no need to worry about the damage by data leakage. One of the security systems is by giving different codes name in every accounts and password. The account itself will only be accessible by the users. This system is very compatible for businessmen because with the high security system there is a guarantee of data, information, and transaction's safety to secure their business account.

So from the paragraphs above, it can be concluded that the internet banking can facilitate the implementation of business by businessmen. The 24 hour service and the high security are the advantages of internet banking. The 24 hour service will help businessmen to access their business and work account while the existence of security guarantees make businessmen feel safe and calm in doing transactions. 

Overall, the presence of services in the internet banking is certainly bring many advantages and convenience for businessmen in running their business and work.


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