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Choosing "Coffee or Tea" to Save Our Financial Matter During the Covid-19

26 April 2020   01:00 Diperbarui: 26 April 2020   01:35 275 4 2 Mohon Tunggu...
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Choosing "Coffee or Tea" to Save Our Financial Matter During the Covid-19
Source., by. staff reporter in health part, 2018.

Nowadays, the effect of corona breakout generates the excessive panic how to survive from this scary situation. The number of human beings around the world feel like going to a remote area to hide totally and staying there until the situation becomes normal again.

This universal condition also influences about the behavior’s customers to buy a lot of stuffs excessively, or it is called “panic buying” now, because most of clients are worried if they would have run of goods or no food anymore to be eaten. 

No wonders, we won’t see any items on the racks when we go to the supermarket, all of them are sold out quickly. Badly, because of this breakout of corona, the global economy becomes lower in every section (recession) and creating many social problems in the middle of society.

One of the serious issues is about the price of product which there is a significant increase of cost caused by panic buying itself. This can be explained that the demand of stuffs from customers goes up dramatically because the effect of corona fear, so there is scarcity of goods at the market which is really difficult to be found.

For instance, masks and hand sanitizers or antiseptic which are scarce at the beginning of corona outbreak. These things are really difficult to be purchased it via online as well, and its price also rises significantly. Sadly, the whole of goods at the market also shows a sharp jump in price, because all stuffs required to protect our body from this virus also trigger the increase of price at the market automatically.

With the rise of product’s price at present, the number of customers are more carefully to spend their money to get some stuffs. They have to be smart in buying a lot of different goods to fulfill the need of household. 

Meanwhile, the level of welfare’s customers in the society have a varied income. The person who have much money (rich person) has the ability to buy any different goods, but some people are still struggling to get money right now during the quarantine time and the limitation of working hours.

They are not able to go for working or selling some foods and drinks on the street, so no income at all on their pockets. For instance: snack bars, vendors, small restaurants, cafes, hucksters, barbers, salesmen, etc.      

Even after getting lay off from the company, several employees do not have enough fund anymore to finance their daily life for the following months, especially for married person that must fulfill the household every day. They just get money as the last compensation from their firms which its amount is not too much, so this becomes an additional burden to think about how to survive with the limited fund.

In order to be more efficient for arranging the money during this bad situation, we ought to see our daily shopping that spends a lot of money to get it. This just makes sure about our consumption of food & drink in daily life, so there is a desire to be more sparing for spending some items by making a number of useful stuffs and put it on the shopping list.

One of the best ways to save our money for long term is to substitute our interest in food or drink. Let me give you a clear example, we usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning with snacks, such as: biscuits or fried banana. This is our routine activity in the morning which has spent much money to get it started from buying coffee and preparing some snacks. In point of fact, it needs much money to prepare all of them.

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