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4 Causes of Distended Stomach

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Name   : Hella Novita Zami

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4 Causes of a distended stomach.

Bloated stomach is avoided by everyone. But not a few people are not aware or even they are aware but it is difficult to change it. A distended stomach is excess weight that continues to increase around the midsection. Why is a distended stomach so avoided by everyone? Because in addition to worsening the appearance of a distended stomach it is also less healthy for health and certainly very disturbing our daily activities!. Here I will discuss what are the causes of a distended stomach.

The first cause of a distended stomach is skipping breakfast. Many of us take breakfast for granted. Not infrequently among us who may not be used to breakfast. Due to too many activities in the morning, we often skip breakfast. There are even people who deliberately skip breakfast so that they get thin. Don't do this anymore. Even though there are no calories consumed in the morning, it actually makes our bodies quickly accumulate fat. Metabolism when we skip breakfast, of course, will not work properly. As a result, the body will not burn fat optimally. In addition, if we skip breakfast, our bodies become more prone to choosing high-calorie foods to overeat at the next mealtime.

Sweet drinks such as boba, coffee mixed with cream, soft drinks, packaged juices, are obviously delicious but they turn out to be bad for our health when consumed frequently! Drinks that contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup can cause increased belly fat. Apart from making the stomach distended, consuming too much sweet food can also cause diabetes mellitus. From now on, stop drinking too much sweet.

Consuming excess carbohydrates can make our stomach bloated. Carbohydrates are quite a contributor to calories, especially if you eat them too much. Like coffee with sugar, plus bread, and lunch with noodles and rice. Of course, this habit will increase your body weight, especially if it is not balanced with physical exercise. Carbohydrates are supposed to be converted into energy but instead accumulate, accumulate, and eventually are stored as reserve fat for the body.

Sleeping too late can cause a distended stomach. When our bodies sleep too late at night, the level of cortisol or the so-called stress hormone will increase and encourage our bodies to consume foods high in sugar. Sleeping too late also causes our bodies to be hungry at midnight. Because we can't sleep when we are hungry, we are provoked to eat. Dangerous, right? Start a healthy life with adequate sleep patterns.

The last cause is sitting too long. Maybe many of you have just found out that sitting too long can actually make our stomachs swell. For some people who have busy activities and require to sit all day at the office, you should start thinking about exercising. Sitting too long makes your fat accumulate in the stomach. Start exercising so that the fat in your stomach is lost. But if you don't have time to exercise, take your time 5-10 minutes to stretch, and this will help burn fat a little.

So in conclusion, your lifestyle greatly affects the health of your body. Start changing your lifestyle to be healthier, by improving your diet and getting enough rest. It is better if we know what content we will consume for our bodies. It's also important to keep exercising to maintain your weight. Body detox is also highly recommended to reduce belly fat.

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