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Hayati Samsudin
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I'm simple person. English, writing short stories and poems is my passion.




Verge of Anger

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A young woman was standing on a balcony at the 14th floor appartment. Infuriatingly grasping the rim of the parapet. A pair of her brown eyes were gazing at the murky town beyond the building. She was in the verge of anger. Her name was Fitria, a twenty five years old; featured with long dark wavy hair, delicated ginger skin, tall and slender body. She embodied every human's imagination of the perfect oriental beauty. In her teenager, she started to fathom what 'good look' that god given her meant to her life. Was it blessed of cursed? Why was thing seemed so difficult then? Like the day when she turned down of a marriage proposal from a rich old man, who had position of power in her town. Since then, wherever she went, the people were treating her like a pariah. She wanted to flee and the day finally had had arrived. Weeks after she finished her college, she left her hometown, and out skirt place of Malaysia, to eke out of living in Singapore and working as an assistant at 'Burhan & Son Travel Agency' It had been five odd years. Although she loved her job and always cooperated well with co-staffs, there was a person she despised so much. It was her manager of the agency, Ms Joane, a thirty five years old woman. Ms.Joana would reprimanded her for small issue. Again, the bottom problem was a jelousl. At that moment she could not tolerated Ms. Joana's behaviour any longer. She gritted her teeth for the tenth time to relief the pent-up anger inside her. While out there, the sun vanished over the horizon and the night was approaching. The idea to go to bed early came to her mind. But before that she went for bath and nursed herself with a cup of hot tea. Unfortunatelly the soft music that she was playing, warm bath and a cup or hot tea did not relax her or made her to fall asleep whatsoever that night. "If you can't handle something like this next time, you'll lose the job" Those words were endlessly drumming on her ears. At that point, she was not worry to lose the jobe. Instead, she couldn't wait to confront her manager in the next morning. By then, she would shut Ms.Joana off her life;swallowed all the consequences which might come and moved on. Her pride and ego didn't deserve that humiliation. She shouldn't spending her short life working with someone who blatantly humiliated her. NEVER! she thought. Finally, her dull nigt was over. The first thing she did in the morning was calling her best friend, Mya. She told Mya that she already fixed her mind to quit from her job. Mya gave a respond all she wanted to hear. "If you want to do it, do it now. I'll be with you no matter the outcome will be" On her way to the office, she kept on thingking what Mya had said. It gave her a full courage to confront her manager. Once she reached the office, she approached Ms. Joana who was sitting on a big chair before her desk. Without hesistation, Fitria opened the conversation as well as shown her crudity and meaness. "Ms. Joan, I want to resign!" "That's not gonna happen, Do you understand why did I get upset with you?" said Ms. Joana. "Don't ask my understanding. Yesterday was your third time you threatening me that you'll sack me. So, before you sack me I better give it up!" Fitria replied. "You know, your problem is you didn't update with me for a week. Do you think that acceptable?" "No, I admit my mistake that is why I'm giving you a chance to fine someone better who is capable doing this and that!" Fitria said and tried to derend herself. "You are not capable doing your job, are you? If you can't do it her, you can't do it any where else" Ms. Joana got angrier. Their heat conversation went on and on. It didn't stop until the other staffs started coming in. Fitria felt sheer exhaustion of the argumentation and despised Ms.Joana even more. But at the same time she didn't want to embarrase her infront of the staffs. Then, Fitria stepped closer to her and said something in low tone but firm. Before she left the office, she told everyone that she got to go home for urgent family matter. They believed her. After working hour, Mya visited Fitria in her appartment. Needless to say, Fitria began to tell her a story about the argumentation that she had with her manager. They were laughing out loud when Fitria mimicking the expression of Ms.Joana on how angry she was. That night, they went to night club and celebrated Fitria's resignation. They danced hard at the dance's floor and drunk all their heart. A day later, they woke up with dreadful hangover in a strange room. By Hayati