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Contoh Email Korespondensi Dengan Calon Supervisor Program PhD/Master by Research

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Contoh Email Korespondensi Dengan Calon Supervisor Program PhD/Master by Research
To: john.thor@brown.uni.edu
Subject: I need a PhD Research Supervisor
Dear Professor John, My name is Rizha Dumas. I am an English lecturer at State University of Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Last week, I received an email from The Committee of DanAid Scholarship stating that I am invited for applying for The Governmental PhD Scholarship this year.
One of the requirements of the scholarship is that I must have a faculty member or academic staff who is willing to be my PhD research supervisor. Would you kindly be my my PhD research supervisor? I plan to take PhD degree in Education at Brown University if I get the scholarship.
In this stage, I would need your feedback for my research proposal (attached). Then, I will print your email containing the feedback and attach it to my scholarship application. The title of my research proposal is "Critical Thinking and Argumentative Skills Used by Indonesian University Students". It will involve English Department students and lecturers as research participants.
For your consideration, herewith, I attached my research proposal, CV,  degree certificates, academic transcripts, IELTS, and other related documents. I have M.Ed in TEFL from The University of Malang, Indonesia in 2000 and a national teaching certificate from The Directorate of Higher Education of Indonesia in 2012.
Finally, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope I could get the scholarship and  study at Brown University next year. Yours sincerely, Rizha Dumas
English Language Teaching Department Faculty of Letters, The University of Malang East Java, Indonesia