Jalan Hidup Terbaik di Dunia

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Jadi, kemarin saya membaca sebuah buku, dan ternyata saya menemukan sebuah opini mengenai jalan hidup terbaik di dunia
The text below is a quote from an
autobiography book with title
"Robinson Crusoe". It is about
"Upper Station of Low Life"

My father, a wise and grave man,
gave me serious and excellent
counsel against what he foresaw was
my design. He called me one
morning into his chamber, where he
was confined by the gout, and
expostulated very warmly with me
upon this subject. He asked me
what reasons, more than a mere
wandering inclination, I had for
leaving father’s house and my native
country, where I might be well
introduced, and had a prospect of
raising my fortune by application
and industry, with a life of ease and
pleasure. He told me it was men of
desperate fortunes on one hand, or
of aspiring, superior fortunes on
the other, who went abroad upon
adventures, to rise by enterprise,
and make themselves famous in
undertakings of a nature out of the
common road; that these things
were all either too far above me or
too far below me; that mine was the
middle state, or what might be
called the upper station of low life,
which he had found, by long
experience, was the best state in the
world, the most suited to human
happiness, not exposed to the
miseries and hardships, the labour
and sufferings of the mechanic part
of mankind, and not embarrassed
with the pride, luxury, ambition,
and envy of the upper part of
mankind. He told me I might judge
of the happiness of this state by this
one thing - viz. that this was the
state of life which all other people
envied; that kings have frequently
lamented the miserable
consequence of being born to great
things, and wished they had been
placed in the middle of the two
extremes, between the mean and
the great; that the wise man gave
his testimony to this, as the
standard of felicity, when he prayed
to have neither poverty nor riches.

He bade me observe it, and I should
always find that the calamities of
life were shared among the upper
and lower part of mankind, but that
the middle station had the fewest
disasters, and was not exposed to so
many vicissitudes as the higher or
lower part of mankind; nay, they
were not subjected to so many
distempers and uneasinesses, either
of body or mind, as those were
who, by vicious living, luxury, and
extravagances on the one hand, or
by hard labour, want of necessaries,
and mean or insufficient diet on the
other hand, bring distemper upon
themselves by the natural
consequences of their way of living;
that the middle station of life was
calculated for all kind of virtue and
all kind of enjoyments; that peace
and plenty were the handmaids of a
middle fortune; that temperance,
moderation, quietness, health,
society, all agreeable diversions, and
all desirable pleasures, were the
blessings attending the middle
station of life; that this way men
went silently and smoothly through
the world, and comfortably out of
it, not embarrassed with the labours
of the hands or of the head, not
sold to a life of slavery for daily
bread, nor harassed with perplexed
circumstances, which rob the soul
of peace and the body of rest, nor
enraged with the passion of envy, or
the secret burning lust of ambition
for great things; but, in easy
circumstances, sliding gently
through the world, and sensibly
tasting the sweets of living, without
the bitter; feeling that they are
happy, and learning by every day’s
experience to know it more sensibly

Bagaimana pendapat anda? apakah anda setuju dengan pendapat tersebut?