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AFOSP (ASEAN Farmers' Organisation Support Programme) is a European Union (EU) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) grant for a multi-stakeholder project which aims to improve the livelihoods and food security situation of smallholder farmers and rural producers in ASEAN countries. The role of the ASEAN Foundation in AFOSP focuses on promoting policy dialogues and interactions between farmers and rural organisations and ASEAN institutions. Other partners in AFOSP include the Asian Famers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and La Via Campesina (LVC). For more information, please visit




"Practitioners' Workshop: Tackling the Bottlenecks of Scaling-Up"

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"Practitioners' Workshop: Tackling the Bottlenecks of Scaling-Up"
Photo credit: PISAgro

Partnership for Indonesia's Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro) hosted the Practitioners' Workshop Seminar in collaboration with Grow Asia on August 7th 2018. The half day workshop which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta attended by various ministerial representatives, government bodies, private companies as well as NGOs related to agriculture which are the members of PISAgro.

PISAgro is an organisation initiated by the Indonesian government which was announced during World Economic Forum (WEF) 2011. It is a platform for collaboration among Indonesian agriculture sector stakeholders. Among the initiatives carried out by PISAgro are facilitating dialogue, mobilizing commitments and linking new partnerships that connect the strength of each stakeholders.

The workshop was opened with welcoming speech remark by the representative of Grow Asia and introducing the speakers for each working group. The speech also mentioned the three main objectives of the even which include to learn, to network and to share. Focusing to tackle the bottlenecks of scaling up, the workshop was focusing on 4 major issues which are access to finance; digital solutions; designing for impact; and sharing good practice.

One of interesting topic being discussed during the workshop was in the "digital solutions" group which discussing about "Chatbot: The Revolution of Customer Experience Through Messaging". The session was delivered by Irzan Raditya, CEO and Co-Founder of by emphasizing the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) to be utilized in ASEAN region as it is currently generating more than $900 billion in wages. The participants later discussed on how to integrate AI and agriculture to improve the customer service, marketing and sales to the smallholder farmers.

Presentations by representatives of each group marked the closing of the fruitful event by concluding to the discussions happened during the workshop. More engagements among the agriculture stakeholders should be held in future events.

Rahim Ismail


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