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AFOSP (ASEAN Farmers' Organisation Support Programme) is a European Union (EU) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) grant for a multi-stakeholder project which aims to improve the livelihoods and food security situation of smallholder farmers and rural producers in ASEAN countries. The role of the ASEAN Foundation in AFOSP focuses on promoting policy dialogues and interactions between farmers and rural organisations and ASEAN institutions. Other partners in AFOSP include the Asian Famers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and La Via Campesina (LVC). For more information, please visit




35 ASEAN Farmers Take Part in ASEAN Learning Series 2018

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35 ASEAN Farmers Take Part in ASEAN Learning Series 2018


The ASEAN Foundation through its ASEAN Farmers' Organisations Support

Programme (AFOSP) in partnership with the European Union (EU) and the International Fund for

Agricultural Development (IFAD) is organising the ASEAN Learning Series from 29 -- 31 May 2018 in

Bangkok, Thailand. The three-day workshop aims to facilitate peer to peer learning in the areas of farmer

empowerment and participation in the global value chain, by focusing on quality management.

The ASEAN Learning Series serves as a continuation to the ASEAN Learning Route (ALRAC) and the ASEAN

Learning Series and Policy Engagement on Agricultural Cooperatives (ALSPEAC). It embodies the vision of

ASEAN Cooperation on Food, Agriculture, and Forestry (FAF) 2016 -- 2025 as the ASEAN Learning Series

aims to assist vulnerable small producers and SMEs to improve their productivity and product quality in

order to meet global market standards.

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