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Poem | How Do You Use Your Time?

15 Maret 2019   19:59 Diperbarui: 15 Maret 2019   20:43 51 5 0 Mohon Tunggu...
Poem | How Do You Use Your Time?
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How do you use your time? It's a simple question. But it's hard to answer it. 

Why? Because most of us don't have plans for daily activities. Most of us say, "Let the time flow wherever it likes to go."

Really? You just flow like the water flows without any direction? Without any goals?  How could you do that?

We are the most valuable creation of all on earth. The advantages that we have are we have common sense, brains to think what good and bad are, and the free will from God. 

We are different from the other creations. 

If we just live without plans, what is the difference between animals and us? What is the difference between plants and us? 

Life without purposes is useless. Like a ship on the sea. It lost because it had no compass. It went nowhere

So, how do you use your time? Wisely or carelessly?


Samarinda, 15 March 2019