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Tokopedia x BTS : Attractive Marketing Strategy

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When we start a business, we must know and be observant about what strategies and tricks we can use so that the products or services we offer and produce can be enjoyed by the community. There are many strategies we can use to start business, such as making attractive products; use social media for promotion; or create creative content such as advertisements to attract people's attention.

Currently I will discuss the marketing strategy in the form of advertising. In my opinion, we must be able to create attractive, creative, innovative, and unprecedented advertisements. There are so many ways used by large companies to create an advertisement. One of them is Tokopedia x BTS. Who doesn't know Tokopedia? Tokopedia is e-commerce that has been used by countries in Indonesia and Asia. So far, Tokopedia has implemented many marketing strategies such as promotion through social media, giving loyalty gifts to consumers, attending events, and Tokopedia using brand ambassadors.

One of the marketing strategies I will cover is using BTS as brand ambassadors. In my opinion, this strategy fulfills 4 aspects of advertising creativity, such as:

a. Originality

Tokopedia has a creative idea that has never existed before. Tokopedia made BTS, which is a Korean idol group consisting of 7 members, become a brand ambassadors. BTS itself has an official title for its fans, namely ARMY. In my opinion, Tokopedia is very creative and smart because it makes BTS as a brand ambassador. BTS uses their albums to serve as audio in promoting Tokopedia. This creative idea  of course very attractive to the public and people become interested in Tokopedia.

b. Flexibility

The advertising made by Tokopedia x BTS are very flexible, because the promotions used by them are through digital media such as Instagram and Twitter which are of course easy to access by the public, especially facilitating the interaction between Army and Tokopedia.

c. Synthesis 

In my opinion, the combination made by Tokopedia and BTS is very interesting. Starting from the visual members, the costumes used, the music is arranged in such a way. Every scene that is made is very interesting and blends into one. The combination of each member taking turns introducing themselves and singing is very interesting. They also use Bahasa in supporting Tokopedia

d. Artistic Value

One of the artistic values in the advertisement for Tokopedia x BTS are the lyrics, audio, and movements performed by BTS. BTS songs are used as audio in every Tokopedia advertisement such as Tokopedia x BTS: Bebas Ongkir? Tokopedia Saja! In this scene, Tokopedia x BTS uses one of their albums as the audio. This is of course very attractive to consumers, especially Army in Indonesia. One of the lyrics is:

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