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Realism in Art and in Literature, Could You See The Read Thread?

28 Februari 2021   01:30 Diperbarui: 28 Februari 2021   02:09 20 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The connection between realism in art and in literature has many connections. One of many similarities about realism was true-to-life. Realism was depicting the world as it is rather than as we want it to be. The other similarity was realism can be easier to learn in both literature and art. Actually, I can say that literature works are art too, but in a writing way. Why? Because in writing there are styles (which is art) to communicate values in it. But art in particular, for example in paintings, realism makes life easier to learn in human's hand-working. In art (realism paintings) we can imagine the life that is being painted through colours in beautiful ways. The third similarities, that in literature and art ways, someone could imagine the works to see what was going on in past times. Imagining life to see "the life". The fifth similarities--is like what the video said--realism asks each of us how we process reality, how we organize it, and perhaps, most importantly, how we share our reality with others.

What were the differential things about realism in literature and in art? The literature communicates realism through writing, which is harder to interpret. It has many layers. In writing, the figures have minds, which most of the painters do not make it in their arts. In art, it was easier to interpret what was appearing. We can guess the social value through the look of society in a painting. We can guess the social class of someone through their clothes, and jewellery. Substantial way, realism in the literature could go beyond social and political issues to talk about. In contrast, mostly, realism in the art portrays the face of someone, nature, or something that a painter wants in their life.