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A Battle Between Resolution vs Procrastination

17 Maret 2017   10:43 Diperbarui: 17 Maret 2017   10:43 0 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Written by: Giasinta

Have you made resolution this year? New Year’s resolution can be anything we can think of, as long as it brings value added to our life. The most common resolution is usually around health issue, for instance to exercise more, to eat healthier or to stop smoking. And most people make resolution in the beginning of the year because they want to have a fresh start or merely as a perfect timing to create new good habit.

Some people may found resolution unnecessary. And some may wonder the importance of making it. Now let see, how many times do we actually take time to have a deep self-observation? Trying to examine ourselves closer, understanding more the things we really need instead of things we want. Well... in the midst of this chaotic daily activity, I honestly think we barely find time to meditate and breathe.

Some people refuse to make resolution in new year with common justification that resolution can be made anytime-anywhere. And these people finally ended up with stagnation. It’s a pity when people fail to see that there is always room for a change.

It’s not that people dislike changes. Most people realize that they need positive changes in life. The question is what triggers them? People are so lazy they tend to stay inside the shell, unless push to come out. Just like when people need an alarm to wake up in the morning, like employee need reward and punishment to drive disciplinary, or when students need good grades to make them study little harder. Trigger is what make people run that extra mile.Hence most people don't just change, they need a trigger. Here's when new year’s resolution be a good opportunity to help us grow. As trigger to shape us into a better-healthier individual, inside and out.

Anyone can write a resolution. Anyone. The one billion dollar question is: how many percent of the people writing is actually doing it consistently? Now let me introduce you to the word of procrastination. Where this procrastination takes part and what makes it so essential to discuss?

Here's what mom and pop never told us: delaying is addicting. How often do we hear ourselves saying, "I'm definitely going to do this, I'm just going to start tomorrow"? That devil whisperer that keeps seducing over and over to our poor little mind is what we call procrastination. So strong we have no clue how to say no to it. I bet procrastination is the oldest rival in kingdom of self improvement.Every one deals with this powerful enemy and sadly, some even mistreat it as a friend instead of enemy.

It is just sad when we don't even realize our bad habit is actually bad, from small thing as gossiping, to big thing like being an alcoholic. It’s like viruses that keep spreading within. And the funny thing is, this virus is a disguise as it gives us fun-feeling whilst gnawing from the inside. Like children consuming too much sugar or teenagers addicting with games and internet. A disease in disguise. Makes you happy but kills you slowly. We should never allow ourselves drown deeper in the camouflage of a bad habit.

Who would have thought that delaying exercising or postponing doing chores over laziness can be so pleasing? It is always more fun to stay in bed than studying for exam, or to keep smoking than chewing bubble gum. Procrastination is deadly dangerous because the more people get use to this attitude, the farther they are to any form of positivity. They can always find dozens of excuses to mark their justification.People can be very smart in defending themselves all of the sudden, protecting their procrastination disease. There is no element of guiltiness anymore in every chronic procrastinator.

Procrastination is basically a concrete barrier between us and our resolution. And unfortunately this procrastination won't leave us so easily. It will continually visit our self-guard at our most fragile moment. It will knock on our door ceaselessly, offering all the fun temptations. And heaven forbid we shall never let that guard down. Because once successfully passing this barrier, we can enter the next level: disciplinary.

Disciplinary is a battle between our ego and commitment. It is never easy to keep one in mind. I guess once we break it, we'll continue to break it. It’s all about mindset and determination.These two can also be applied in fighting the procrastination. By possessing the right mindset and strong determination, we can beat the hardest procrastination. I remember once Obama said that the most important thing he taught to his daughters is persistency. He's a big believer of persistency. He cited 'determination and you'll get process eventually'. I basically agreed with his believe, although I realize completely that it is always easier said than done. But I also heard that our mindset is the ceiling of how high we can rise. This is a fact-relieve because no matter how bumpy the road is, we can always know that our mindset is limitless. Therefore I choose to have faith in the power of positive mindset.Let’s not stop running until reaching that mesmerizing finish line of yours.

I heard one research says that apparently most resolution only last 30 - 60 days max. If you beat the first sixty days of your resolution, I guess you may start giving credit generously to yourself. I did that exactly this morning when I realized I have passed my sixty-nine-days resolution quite smoothly. As everyone knows, it is never easy to challenge temptation on the face by daily basis. The sixty days parameter is merely little bonus showing that we are better from small amount of people who fail, does not make us the winner yet. A winner is the one who can make a habit of it, turn resolution into daily basis activity. Five years ago I read this motivational quote in a fitness centre that I really like: Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going. Sometimes we need that kind of powerful stimulus that can embarrass us in public, no?

The best thing about resolution is the good feeling of reaching a higher level quality of life.Improvement brings positivity. Thus if we don't feel good about it, we need to look back and change our perspective in prior to entering a resolution. Sometimes a person with corrupt mind is difficult to find silver lining in resolution. Fix the mind first, fix ourselves after.

I think New Year’s resolution is a part of human thankfulness. When people are grateful being given another chance, they tend to seize the opportunity to be better than before. I always thought what’s the point of living if you're not escalating yourself to the next level of life?Unlike a robot, human needs purpose in every step. Keep moving forward. Keep learning. Because the only one who can stop you from movement is yourself.

By embracing insatiable desire for improvement, people can be enthusiast enough to get up from their cozy bed and warm blanket, to get the coat and face the cruel winter. Life is never-ending battle, my friend. There is nothing more satisfying than beating the old you in order to meet the new you. A better version of yourself. It’s time to come out of our shell, as resolution is never just a part of New Year’s euphoria.