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Gaganawati Stegmann
Gaganawati Stegmann Mohon Tunggu... Telah Terbit: “Banyak Cara Menuju Jerman”

Housewife@Germany, student @Fritzerlerschule, teacher@Denkmit, a Tripadvisor level 6, awardee 4 awards from Ambassadress of Hungary, H.E.Wening Esthyprobo Fatandari, M.A 2017, General Consul KJRI Frankfurt, Mr. Acep Somantri 2020; Kompasianer of the year 2020.



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Begini Rasanya Jadi Orang Asia di Luar Negeri

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Begini Rasanya Jadi Orang Asia di Luar Negeri

Iki sirahe Barongsay. Dipundutke ibuk ing Semarang cedak Mejit Agung. Senenge pollll tak gawa nang Jerman. Isa dipajang pas pameran, Isa nggo nari lan... medeni bocah
Ing luar negeri akeh aksi "Ojo benci wong Asia." Memang kadang diskriminasi Ki ning ngendi wae Isa kedaden. Aku ya tau ngrasakke. Sakitnya tuh, di sini...
Message of the day: DON'T HATE ASIAN PLEASE

My pen friend in USA told me how she was afraid going out and prefers staying home nowadays. Why? She said, it's not safe. People discriminate Asian. I don't understand we are in the 21st Century!

Another friend of mine who is very rich told me a story how she was refused to enter a boutique in Austria. The salesperson thought she was a poor Asian. My friend said "I have money I want to shop a lot." She did. The woman shocked my friend has an unlimited card and changed her behavior instantly. Can't believe when money speaks. Oprah Winfrey had similar story.

What about me? I have got many experiences during my life in Germany too. One of it was when the cashier checked my belonging which was only a magazine and I didn't pay for it. She thought I stole it and I said it was for free I got from info center behind. I am most of the times an honest person. 

Actually she could see it from the info on the cover up side right, there didn't say any price! But what happened? She looked another way to prove that I stole something in the shop by checking the pages ONE BYE ONE. 

She was afraid I slipped something in. That time I was with my husband and she didn't check my husband at all. Why? We were together if she thought I stole something we could be partners in crimes, no? She didn't notice we wore the best winter jacket which same as one way ticket to Indonesia

I was embarrassed people looking at me and so mad but silence...she didn't apologise. Days later I sent an email to the management "Don't judge the person by the race please ....." I could be a poor person in this world but I don't need to steal something to make me happy, except stealing a heart

Photographer: Shenoa, Barongsay: My mom, Location: Hohenkarpfen, Germany.