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-Understanding postmodernism

Jean-francois lyotard was the person who introduced postmodernism in the fields of philosophy and science in the 1970s in his book entitled "the postmodernism condition: a report on knowledge". He interpreted postmodernism as everything 28 journal of philosophy,vol.28, No.1, February 2018 criticism of universal knowledge,of the metaphysical tradition,foundationalsm and of modernism.

So it can be conclude that postmodernism is a new idea that rejects or even includes the development of a existing idea about previous theories of thought, namely modernism that tries to provide criticism of modernism which is considered to have field an is responsible for the destruction of human dignity it is a shift in knowledge from modern ideas to a new idea brought by postmodernism itself.

- Postmodernism figures

  1. Jean-francois lyotard
  2. Michel Foucault
  3. Jacques Derrida
  4. Jean baudrillard
  5. Fredrick jameson

-characteristic of postmodernism

  • Relativism character
  • Deconstructing
  • Pluralism
  • Metaphorical language