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And The History Repeats Itself In Indonesia

1 November 2013   20:24 Diperbarui: 24 Juni 2015   05:43 33
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Indonesia, a beautiful country with its vast amount of resources. No one can doubt it. What other country can't find, they will find in Indonesia. You can name it. Relaxation, recreation, food, nature beauty, spices, natural resources, kind people, historical legacy, archaeological site, and so many more. No surprise that some foreigners fall in love to Indonesia.

Aside from Indonesia's elegance, Indonesia casts too much charm, or pheromone to another country. Yes, Indonesia is too eye-catching for many countries. We look back to hundred years before Indonesia was independent. Netherland and Japan conquered Indonesia for a single thing, and that is spices. From spices led to another. Indonesia's land, soil, and resources were looted. Leaving a dreaded history of Indonesia just for natural resources' sake.

Years and years have passed and Indonesia declared its independence. People of nation cried in joy, released from other country's grip. That was the history and a pundit said we shall learn from history so the same mistake won't be repeated. How true was that quote. Nevertheless, to be blunt, Indonesia repeats its history once again.

Currently, Indonesia is in another country's grip. It's not just one or two countries which currently invade Indonesia, but many countries. To make it even worse, Indonesia lives in these countries' control. Indonesia can't stand up on its own if these countries suddently fly back to their own countries, leaving Indonesia in crawling state.

Take an example of Freeport. A multinational company originally from USA has operated in Papua land since 1970s. In Wikipedia, it stated Papua is the world's largest gold mine. Even more, Papua may be more than meets in the eye. Not only contains gold, but surprisingly uranium too. While Freeport is freely devouring Papua's resource(s), Indonesia just sits in awe of its richness but unable to do anything. Unable is not quite the right word, but don't know what to do. Perhaps because most Indonesia's tax earning comes from Freeport so Indonesia just plays along in other country's hand.

Our forestry, for another example, is habited by another country. Even worse, illegal logging. Another example, daily need such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, perfume, cellphone, car, most of them are made by foreign country. Even culture are being invaded by other culture. For a fact, recently Indonesia conducted a big welcome to Korean culture. As a result, boybands and girlbands popped out until we can't count on how many of them were there. Long short story, it's not just tangible, but intangible were being slipped to Indonesia.

If hundreds years before Indonesia was invaded physically and forcefully, nowaday Indonesia is invaded softly but sure and willingly. If hundreds years before Indonesia can fight and declared its independence from its invaders, nowaday Indonesia can't fight them because Indonesia's future depends on them. Slowly but sure, Indonesia's culture, resources, and identity fade away, consumed and influenced by another party. Thus, Indonesia nowaday goes back and replays its history, and perhaps even worse.

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