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Prevent Learning Loss During The Pandemic

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Prevent Learning Loss During The Pandemic

It has been more than a year that we have faced the Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in limited activities. Not to mention, Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM  which caused some activities to be delayed. This pandemic has made most activities carried out online or online, both work and study activities. 

Especially in learning, where schools really cannot operate during this pandemic. However, recently the term "Learning Loss" has emerged due to the Covid 19 pandemic. What is Learning Loss? Is there a way to overcome it? Check out the following article. 

The term Learning Loss was introduced for the first time by The Education and Development Forum (2020) which means the situation of students who lose knowledge and skills, both general and specific which affect academic decline due to a prolonged gap during the learning process without face-to-face contact. 

Students who lose their motivation for life and their future so that their academic achievement declines. Aggravated by conditions that are not allowed at all face-to-face learning is the main cause of 'Learning Loss' experienced by several school students. 

The majority of 'Learning Loss' sufferers are early childhood students -Which elementary school was the golden age? They should learn more hands-on than just theory. Young children tend to be easily bored. 

This was also conveyed by education expert Michelle Kaffen Berger who said that this Learning Loss if left unchecked will have a long impact in the future, causing economic and social problems for someone in the future. This is because when they were students, they experienced 'Learning Loss' which made them lose interest in learning and the motivation to try new things. 

There are several causes of Learning Loss, namely: Loss of interest in learning due to being at home too long Unfavorable home conditions There are no peers to talk to Not really understanding the lessons because they are not practiced directly Other problems that hinder such as difficult signals, unsupportive circumstances, and some of them.

How to Overcome Learning Loss:
1. If you have children or family, you should give privacy to study
2. Create a daily planner to manage time to stay productive
3. Improving learning strategies to be more fun and conducive
4. Create a fun and innovative learning atmosphere so that students and children can catch lessons with pleasure
5. Always provide support and motivation

There are many other factors that can actually be a problem for someone experiencing learning loss. Whatever it is, we as the closest people should always make them comfortable and enthusiastic in learning

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