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Believe in This Value of Individual for Being Leader

25 November 2016   09:55 Diperbarui: 25 November 2016   10:07 52 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Humans can determine which ones are good and bad in life. In every individual, there is a feeling to do good deeds and do the truth. This is what will be the determinant of the life that we all are living. The values adopted and implemented by each individual could be obtained of many things. As an example of religious gospels that instruct people to do also be good and avoid evil. On the one hand, the value of this goodness will gain when a person faced with a situation that required to help others instance.

There is a very valuable for individuals’ life, which is emphasized here, is the value of kindness towards others and a push to establish the truth. This value is the first foundation of the initial formation of an individual, then small groups, to large groups. This means that if the foundation is already "good" then it will entirely be "good", vice versa. A value will give birth to a lot of things in the soul of each individual. This value will be reflected in the stance taken by each individual if he or she really believes in. Value will give birth to justice, responsibility, as well as on individual accomplishments. Value of each individual such as a vehicle that will carry to anywhere people want to do and what to be. Therefore, once again, the value must reflect the goodness and truth.

Trusting each other is also the key to the establishment of any successful relationship. The relationship here could be anything, such as family relationships, friendship or business. If human life is already accustomed to preserve the value of goodness and truth, then it will be easy for him to undertake greater responsibility, because a trust does not come easily and could be lost easily if it’s not maintained properly.

 In saying "watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions for they become habits" from this quote we can take the meaning that an individual will have to keep the mindset which could be spoken about bad words, of the words may become an action, and then eventually it will become our habit. And as we know that habits are difficult to change because people will feel comfortable with the things they always do.

Therefore, in building a good relationship of business or anything else, we need to develop this essential foundation. It is about believing value of the individual. In addition to developing these elements, we need to be keeping the values of goodness and truth. It would be easy to do when based on sincerity and it will bear the responsibility of leadership and responsibility of wholehearted.

Good luck, everyone!