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Five Things to Miss from CMIC 2019

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Five Things to Miss from CMIC 2019
Sharing Session of CMIC 2019

There is an Indonesian saying "Tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri Cina" meaning we have to be eager to learn no matter how far we go. In this saying, China is being represented as being far away. But, what if the Chinese students are the ones who come from far away to Indonesia to gain knowledge?

On Saturday, 18th May 2019, President University Major Association of Communication brought those students from China to Indonesia through CMIC, Chinese Students Meet Indonesian Culture. The event aimed to facilitate the international students, especially Chinese students, in President University to get to know Indonesian culture in order to help them adapt with the culture and get used to live in Indonesia.

So! What was in CMIC?

1. Indonesian Culture Performance, Live!

Just like the purpose of this event, there was an exclusive performance introducing traditional dance from Madura which tells a story of a war between 2 people using traditional weapon from Madura called "celurit." The dance was performed by the twins of Head of Department of Communications Undergraduate Program, none other than Mr. Dindin Dimyati!

2. Exclusive Sharing Session by Padjajaran University Chinese Students

Fyi, in CMIC, Chinese students did not only learn the culture experience from the committee, but also directly from other Chinese students. That way, they got to hear the real experience!

3. Fun-tastic Game!

One of the most fun parts of this event was how the Chinese students learnt Indonesian culture through a guessing game that contributes to their understanding about Indonesian cultures. In this game, the participants guessed a photo of Indonesian culture and told the name of the culture, starting from traditional food, traditional dance, also the authentic animals and ethnics from Indonesia.

4. Premium Talk Show with Padjadjaran University Chinese Students

In the talk show with Padjadjaran University Chinese students, there was sharing session of their struggle and happiness living in Indonesia as well as the tips and tricks to mingle with Indonesian people.

5. Cool Participants From Varying Countries

Moreover, since it was an international event, all international students were welcomed to join this event. Well, most of the participants were from China but there were other participants from Vietnam, Mongolia, and of course Indonesia! Thus, this event was the right place for everyone to learn and socialize with people from different countries!

This event was filled with laughter and satisfaction from both the committees and participants. All participants were very glad to join this event, to get to know Indonesia culture, also to receive valuable tips and trick from Chinese students of another university. See you in CMIC 2020!

Writer: Melinda Stefani Yaputri

Editor: Catleya Ayundasari

Photographer: Mikhail Kirtan