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The Ethics of TV Advertising That Escapes Our Attention

16 April 2021   14:14 Diperbarui: 16 April 2021   14:36 46 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

It has been years since I spent watching TV, this afternoon I tried watching TV through I have not been interested in TV broadcasting for a long time, even though broadcasting TV via frequency is the right of the public, including myself.

Not to enjoy TV shows, I purposely watch it to find ethical violations on TV. What a very strange-sounding goal. But if you are a communication student, that is a must. Yes, I'm looking for ethical violations that are on television for doing college assignments.

I think this task will be tough and tiring. Imagine, to find violations committed by TV, I have to use primary data. This means that I must witness the violation of broadcasting ethics firsthand with my own eyes. Hey, TV people are also aware that their broadcasts are also being monitored for violations.

I began my job trying to find the ethics TV was most likely to violate. I use Law Number 32 of 2002 concerning Broadcasting as an analysis knife.

I found an article that I assumed was easy for TV to violate. That article is an article about advertising. Article 46 paragraph 11 states that advertising broadcast materials are required to use domestic resources. Furthermore, what is meant by domestic resources are the actors and the background of the advertising product, sourced from within the country.

I immediately looked for shows that violated the article. If people usually watch TV to watch the program and not to see the advertisement, then I look for advertisements and don't care about the ongoing program.

Finally, I found a Vivo ad showing on NET TV at 13.42 Friday, April 16. This ad does not display domestic resources at all according to the advertising article above. In fact, this ad is in English. There is no element of the archipelago in the 15 second broadcast. I managed to complete this task well. Furthermore, I write this article as a form of assignment.

Finally, I suspect that this kind of violation is actually done in a lot of other advertisements. I suspect we have missed this chapter. Maybe with my writing, this article can be of concern to all of us.