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Agnez Mo and The Fomo Phenomenon

2 Desember 2019   23:52 Diperbarui: 2 Desember 2019   23:53 116 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

             Indonesian social media is again livened up by an issue which is not of quality but that ignites the spirit of nationalism. This issue stems from an Agnez Mo statement stating I don't have Indonesian blood whatsoever. This is based on his limited knowledge that genetically he does not have Indonesian genetics. But Germany, Japan and China. From the genetic point of view, he was right to say that because historically the majority of Indonesian people were of mixed blood. The archipelago from the beginning was a strategic area where the meeting of continents. Over time, international trade from China, Yemen (Hadramaut) and India helped enliven Indonesia's genetic wealth.

            When the first colonialism took place in 1511 by the Portuguese, European influences began to be followed by Spain, the Netherlands, England and France. Also increasingly crowded are the genetic encounters of various ethnic groups in Indonesia. It is this historical fact that makes us aware that in our blood it is true that there is indeed a genetic mix of various nations in the world. That is, not only Agnez MO has "mixed" blood, but we are the same and rightly so. But Agnez Mo forgot one substantial thing, namely from the social side. That its existence as an Indonesian citizen is not based on genetics and heredity but based on the place of birth. Why can Agnez Mo not seem to understand this fact? the answer is due to the phenomenon of FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

             The entertainment industry is very hard, only a short matter of time, if you are not creative then by itself you should be ready to be kicked out of this industry. consider the life of Norman Kamaru, Veri (AFI) and a series of other artists who have enlivened the entertainment universe in the country. Luckily Norman Kamaru and Veri (AFI) still have good psychological skills and endurance, so that even though they are not on the entertainment stage they can still exist and survive with their lives today. Very different from other artists who have limited talent and creativity, if the job on-air or off-air has begun to decrease then looking for sensation is the shortcut.

            The latest research in social anthropology indeed states that many Millennials of the world have been infected by the phenomenon of FOMO. They are very afraid of losing or being excluded from social life. In some countries, even the Millennials dare to go into debt for the sake of buying certain brands to complement their lifestyles to keep them alive and not "Missing Out".

             From this point of view, Agnez MO's statement is not underestimating Indonesia, but he is stating that he was "international" from birth because today Agnez Mo is struggling and socializing in the international entertainment industry. He was afraid of "Missing Out" from the association. However, as a fellow diaspora, I want to say that no matter how far we are from our homeland, we must never forget our place of birth and greatness, because without the Indonesian nation it would be difficult for an Agnez Mo to exist like today.