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Minangkabau Regional Cuisine That Will Make You in Love with West Sumatera

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Minangkabau Regional Cuisine That Will Make You in Love with West Sumatera

Have you ever heard of Padang Rice? This famous food from all over the world comes from West Sumatra. Padang itself is one of the big cities of this Minangkabau province. But do you know of other foods from this province that are no less tasty than Padang Rice? Here are some delicious Minangkabau special foods that are highly recommended for tasting. 

Sate Padang

This food is very easy to find in West Sumatra. Even outside West Sumatra, some sell it. Although the taste can not be guaranteed the same.

Just like the name of the area, this food is Sate Padang. This satay which consists of beef and beef tongue with its distinctive broth makes it can't be forgotten. Usually, if the smell of turmeric and lemongrass smells, then there are certainly people who sell or cook Sate Padang. 

Soto Padang

Soto is a food that is quite popular in Indonesia. There are many kinds of Soto in Indonesia. Such as Soto Medan, Soto Betawi, Soto Madura, etc. Soto in West Sumatra is called Soto Padang. There is not much difference from Soto in general, there are vermicelli, meat, potato cakes, and beef broth. What distinguishes it is only processed meat. Soto Padang uses dried fried meat, which is called Dendeng.

Lontong Gulai Tauco

This food is the same as rice cake in general. In West Sumatra, it is usually found in rice cake with tauco curry sauce. Tauco curry is made from coconut milk, beans, tofu, and spices that make the flavor and aroma more delicious.

Martabak Kubang

Martabak is not a typical Indonesian food, but the food is the result of acculturation from Arabic and West Sumatra foods and is made by Martabak Kubang. Just as the name suggests, this Martabak comes from Kubang, Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatra. This Martabak has its uniqueness, such as the meat which is Rendang meat that has been chopped small and also its special sauce comes from Kubang.


Galamai is a favorite food that can be found in all souvenir shops in West Sumatra. This food has ingredients that are almost similar to Dodol or Jenang, namely glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar, and peanuts. But what makes it a little different is a sprinkling of peanuts that adorn this Gelamai. 


And the last is Pinyaram. Sweet foods typical of West Sumatra are often found in the month of Ramadan and even often found at weddings. These foods are made using rice flour to produce soft foods. This food is shaped like a UFO and is very similar to a typical Betawi Cucur cake but the Pinyaram cake is brown while the Cucur cake is white.

Please note this, when you go to West Sumatra, not everyone can and fluent in English. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to buy food if the seller cannot speak English. Therefore, you better learn Indonesian first. On there is an Indonesian Language Course that is suitable for you to take as preparation before going to West Sumatra.