King Midas and The Golden Touch

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Long time ago, the people in Greek believed in Gods and Goddess. They lived on Olympus Mountain. The people respected them very much. At time a king named Midas ruled the country. King Midas was a good king. He was very cheerful man. God and Goddess loved him. One day King Midas invited all the Gods and Goddess to have dinner in his palace. He served the best food and wine for them.

G. forest: “King Midas, thank you for your hospitality. I’m very satisfied. The food is very delicious and the wine is very nice.”

King Midas: “You’re welcome. It is an honor to served God like you.”

G. forest: “No. In a return, I will grant everything that you wish for.”

King Midas: “Really?”

G. forest: “Yes, what do you wish for? Tell me!”

King Midas: “Ok, I wished everything that I touched will turn into gold.”

G. forest: “Mmmmm, as you wish.”

And then, God of Forest granted King Midas’ wish. At first, King Midas felt very happy, because he could turn every thing into gold.

King Midas: “Oh, I’m very happy. I will be rich.”

But, after that King Midas was so sad, because everything that he touched turn into gold included the food that he wanted to eat. Until one day, his daughter and people around him turned into gold too. He felt so lonely.

Finally, he asked God of Forest to take his gift back. The God of Forest agreed with him. King Midas wanted to celebrate his happiness, so he held a dinner party again. But, do you know what?? This time he forgot to invite the God of Light. The God of Light became furious and cursed him.

G. Light: “Uh, I wish that King Midas has donkey’s ears.”

Meanwhile in the palace, suddenly King Midas’ ears turn into donkeys’.

King Midas: “Oh no, what happen to my ear?”

Not for a long time, King Midas knew who cursed him. So, he apologized to the God of Light.

King Midas: “The God of Light, please forgive me. I forgot to invite you in my party. I didn’t mean that. Please, take this cursed.”

G. Light: “Mmmm, Ok, I forgive you.

Since the day King Midas didn’t want to deal with the God and Goddess anymore. Because, he was afraid to make another mistakes.

Moral value: we can learn that we must thank to God for everything we have and everything we get. Don’t be greedy.