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Ruang Kelas

Fashion Trends and Their Impact on The Society

30 November 2022   17:38 Diperbarui: 30 November 2022   17:44 102
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Fast fashion is the term to recount clothing designs that move rapidly from the catwalk to stores in order to take occasion of trends. Trending collections are usually taken from clothes that have been exhibited by models at Fashion Week runway. Also known for enticing buyers to purchase the hot new look or the next big thing at a lower price. The fact is, it's not unusual for fast fashion distributors to present new products multiple times in a week to stay in a trending peak.

Fast fashion has a massive impact on the planet. One of the negative impacts is toxic dyes, which make the fashion industry one of the biggest polluters of clean water globally. One of the well-known textiles is polyester. It comes from fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and when cleaned, might generate tiny fibers that increase the amount of plastic in our oceans. A significant amount of textile waste is produced due to the speed at which clothing is manufactured and the increasing number of clothes that consumers discard. Statistics indicate that every year, more than 500 million kilos of unwanted clothing are disposed of in landfills in Australia alone.

Fast fashion has an effect on animals as well. In the wild land and marine creatures alike consume the poisonous dyes and microfibres released in streams through the food chain with disastrous results. Additionally, animal welfare is endangered because materials such as wool, leather, and fur, are utilizes in fashion. For instance, countless scandals show that actual fur, such as cat and dog fur, is frequently misrepresented as faux fur to naive customers. The fact is that genuine fur is now more affordable to make and purchase than synthetic fur since so much of it is being produced in fur farms in appalling conditions.

We have a number of options for reducing our actions related to fast fashion. We can purchase clothing with timeless trends to stay away from fast fashion, but we also need to consider the clothing's quality.

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