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Article | How to Deal Pandemic with Education Solving

20 Januari 2021   11:54 Diperbarui: 20 Januari 2021   12:28 30 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Pandemic covid-19 also we are known has an invasion of this world. Not only Indonesia has become a risk of pandemic. Also bigger country other such as USA which has the highest frequency of growth pandemic. The government has prepared various precise strategies to deal with his pandemic covid-19. But, still have not found a common ground for the solution.Even in several other countries, the minister of health chose to resign from his post.So that's how about Indonesia? 

If we talk about the pandemic covid-19,Indonesian's people much be grateful because the increase of growth pandemic is not as fast to other big countries, such as USA and India. But, this good news don't make our discipline in following health protocol is decreased. 

Below this there are many useful measures to increase the discipline is by indicator education. Education,also we are known is a weapon which can change the way a person thinks. So that with education can manipulate a culture of good and right thinking.Education in pandemic period can be functional as notification of information about pandemic, how to deal with pandemic, and other.In this material will be the point about how to deal pandemic with education solving. 

So that, to help health workers is can by adding the volunteer which has world heath background.Volunteer which has been selected will undergo additional technical guidance and material from the government. So here there is a link between government and volunteer. Government is the facilitator and volunteer as executor.It should be noted when volunteers carry out healthy living campaigns for the community. The delivery of the campaign for healthy living needs to be wrapped in a creative way, for example making animated videos for children.Because an attractive presentation will be more accepted by the community