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The Responsibility Makes Me Grow Up!

26 Mei 2019   21:38 Diperbarui: 26 Mei 2019   21:47 45 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Learning to be responsible makes me more mature, so many things that make me required to be responsible. Starting from my family, as the last child I was given the responsibility to the independent and even had to be able to study at my own expense until I graduated from college, because in my family, only me went on the higher education. 

Initially I always had negative thought on my parents, but with this I was required to be responsible for myself and this way can make me more mature. Beside, I have to be responsible for my parent. 

Even though didn't earn mostly for my parents, at least I can help and care for them in their old days. I admit, this isn't a demand, but as a child I'm obliged on my parents. I'm going to make my parents happy, even though they have not yet achieved it. They could never advise me to maintain responsibility in any case.

When I entered the world of college, I found many things. Like the problems I have to face in class even outside the classroom. I have to be able to control myself and remain patient in facing problems in campus organization and so on. I feel that things are very different from the previous college environment. I have to be able to control emotions, because this is the place to find my identity and not to fall into bad shape. The experienced made me capable because adulthood are the choise.