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Film I, Robot (2004): How If Robots Exist in Education?

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Film I, Robot (2004): How If Robots Exist in Education?
Image's reference: Qazdec27. (2010, February 25). Interaksi manusia dan komputer pada film I, Robot. Retrieved from

Film "I, Robot" tells us about humans will live together with robots. In 2035, robots are programmed to live harmony with humans. Robots are created with characteristics of physical machine, system, and technology using that are almost perfect, so they can do what humans can do, even they also can do what humans can't do because of physical limitations. Beside of that, Dr. Susan Calvin in this film is someone in charge of making robots more human. So, robots will almost same with humans. 

Robots are created with 3 laws that they can't break. The 3 laws are:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law.

In the beginning of this film before Dr. Alfred Lanning's death tragedy, we can see that robots with 3 laws are really helpful on humans' live. Regardless of the virus and system damage that made robots disobey 3 laws, they are really useful in our life.

How if robots exist in education? What things can robots help?

  1. Robots with adjustable intelligences and abilities can help teachers to explain material easier. In the film, Robot called Sonny can draw his dream so clearly, real, and well. We can apply and take the advantages on this part to help teachers who can't draw well. Robots will help teachers especially who teach arts, physics, architecture, engineering, and so on. With this part of robots, students can understand easily with the picture that is really real.
  2. Robots will also can help teachers to check student's answer on assignment or test. As I know that computer can't check essay answer, computer only can check multiple choice answer. Robots with thinking, fast, energetic, and conscientious abilities can help teachers about that, so teachers don't need much time to give assignment or test result to students.
  3. Robot also can be teacher's assistant. It is very common to us as students to meet teachers who can't attend in the classroom because of other interests that can't be left. With this robots which is almost same with humans, teachers won't be worry to leave your students, because robots with intelligence and 3 laws, can replace your position and help you to teach material. So, robots will be student's second teacher and also will be teacher's assistant.
  4. Robots will also help education places like school or university. In the film, we can watch that robots are very swift in picking up missing items. With the power and speed of the robots, we will feel helped. Robots can help teachers or students who need help, for example when teachers bring so many things like laptop, books, projector, bag, and so on, robots can help teachers to bring it.
  5. Robots also can maintain security in education area. We can watch that robots in the film are really powerful. When something unexpected happen in education area, for example riot or there are criminals, robots can help teachers and also security guard to solve the problem without hurt the people because robots are already programmed with 3 laws and they will do things with calculation on their system. So, when they help someone or when they do something, they have already calculated it.

Beside of this 5 points, I believe that robots will give more benefits in Education. When robots exist in education in the future, We should remember that robots just be our helpers and we as humans are more valuable than robots. So, the purpose of making robots is to be our partners. Let's together with robots make this world more efficient.

Note: I really recommend this film. So, make sure you download "I, Robot (2004)" and watch it!