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What Do I Do to Fight Corona Virus

6 April 2020   21:03 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   21:09 78 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

COVID - 19 or commonly called CoronaVirus is a virus found in humans and animals. some of these viruses can infect humans and can cause various diseases.

At the moment the World is in a state of emergency facing the Epidemic of COVID-19 or by other names CoronaVirus which has been declared a world pandemic. Pandemic itself is more towards the spread of disease or infection throughout the world. the spread starts from one region and then spreads to other regions and throughout the world, this virus outbreak began in China which is located in the Wuhan Animal Market and was declared a global pandemic by WHO (World Health Organizer). COVID - 19 or called CoronaVirus is a problem that hurts the whole world. In fact, several countries around the world have implemented a lockdown policy to limit/reduce/anticipate the reduction of this epidemic.

symptoms felt by people with COVID-19 are: As reported by WHO, the common symptoms that a person shows if infected with the coronavirus are fever, feeling easily tired, and dry cough. However, in some cases of infection, there are also coronavirus patients who experience colds, sore throat, nasal congestion, or diarrhea.

ways of transmission COVID-19 is not to maintain hand hygiene, do not maintain cleanliness after traveling, do not apply the ethics of coughing and sneezing, there are interactions with many people who mainly interact physically with others, do not isolate themselves after being out of the pandemic area, lack of understanding of COVID - 19 like now many people who go out of the city and the coast, even though it has been urged by the government that they must isolate themselves at home not to go anywhere and stay healthy but these Indonesians do not understand what the government says, this Indonesian citizen actually going on vacation can add to the huge opportunity for many people who are increasingly infected this COVID-19.

After we know the state of the world that is experiencing damage in all aspects of us as humans should do everything we can to help others based on WHO and the direction of the Indonesian government we must isolate ourselves at home (Social Distancing, Self-isolation, Physical distancing), Not Hoarding masks, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment, do charity/donation activities if you have more money, run the # campaign at home, run the #SharingisCaring campaign which is useful to help the gojek and grab who still have to keep working to meet the needs of their families

I think with this COVID-19 that has spread and changed most of the daily lives that we study is by taking 2 perspectives, namely the positive and negative effects of COVID-19, what are the positive and negative effects of COVID-19? the first is that we are more aware of maintaining the health of our bodies, maintaining our immunity, and healthy hygiene and our sense of humanity are aimed at helping one another in this situation. the negative impact of COVID-19 is that it weakens the rupiah exchange rate, the CSPI plummeted, the tourism sector is lost because it is quiet, schools are closed, various sports and concerts are canceled, staple prices soar. 

in my opinion, I don't even suggest locking down Indonesia, Why? Because if we immediately lockdown Jakarta it would become a bad disaster or maybe people can demo because of this lockdown. The best way to prevent this coronavirus is to stay at home. Well as you also know Indonesia is also a big country and I think if we lockdown it wouldn't be effective.  And for the lockdown, I think we should lock down the airport and prevent international people to come to Indonesia and I think this way is better rather than lockdown all of Indonesia. I also think we suggest lockdown if the medic people are already tired and cannot handle the spreading.

I think the best way to face a problem is just to face it. Until when will you be at home? We all know that working from home is not effective. Me as a student also admit that this online class is not effective. Social distancing is not effective too. Workers have to interact with one another to produce something. We need interactions. Interactions are more than communications. You can communicate by phone, but interactions can't.

my opinion is about the use of personal protective equipment and personal protective stock, should people who wear personal protective equipment such as people who go to supermarkets using personal protective equipment should be followed up, even though they use the equipment to protect themselves from others the way they use it wrong they should be at home because personal protective equipment is needed by volunteers and medical workers who struggle against corona, and for unscrupulous persons who buy a lot of personal protective equipment only for sale and use as profit must be followed up because it will be difficult for medical workers and volunteers who fought in this Indonesia