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Nike "Just Do It, The Creative Advertisement

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Nike "Just Do It, The Creative Advertisement

Advertisment is one of the most important thing that related to marketing use. Advertising are some written or visual messages that used for promoting a produt, campaign or services. Advertising can really help some brand to reach their customers. There is a lot type of advertising nowadays. In this era, people or brand can put the advertise everywhere. But some advertising that maybe best for today maybe not the best type for tommorow.

One of advertising type is advertising campaign. Advertising campaign is something that would involve the design and the creation of certain advertisement that can be interesting and last long. One of the most creative advertisment campaign of all time is from Nike. Nike has a campaign name “Just Do It” that really attached in our memories. this campaign launched in 1988, that featured professional and amateur athletes that talk about their accomplishment and emotions they feel as they exercise. We all can agree that this campaign remains to this day as one of the most succesfull and engaging ad campaing of all time. Even this Advertisement was from 1988, this advertisement campaign still attach in our brain, and always remind us to Nike when we heard "just Do It".  Creative advertising is an interestig attribute prescribed to a product or services that contain originality, flexibility, and value in it. just%2F&psig=AOvVaw0sLjtlFiV4wMle0nt_2PKN&ust=1607508738934000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwi8z5Dskr7tAhVYiksFHdv6AiEQr4kDegUIARDrAQ