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Reducing Work Fatigue and Increasing The Productivity of Yellow Tafu UMKM in Blitar, UM Lecturers Help Tofu Marker Tools

23 September 2022   10:33 Diperbarui: 4 Oktober 2022   05:36 34 0 0
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ProDuk Tahu is a popular food product among Indonesian people. This product, which is processed from soybean raw materials, has become one of the doors of employment in the community. There are so many medium-scale industries as well as home industries or home industries that are involved in this business, including UD's yellow tofu home industry. Know the Barokah in Kentulan Village, Sanan Kulon, Kab. Blitar.

Home industryyou knowu yellow UD. Tofu Barokah owned by Mr. Komarudin, based on observations, is still not efficient in the production process, especially in the process of cutting tofu. This process must be done manually so it is less efficient in terms of production.

The equipment used to cut the tofu still uses a cutting knife and a wooden ruler by utilizing human power as a production driver, in a day the tofu cutter workers cut approximately 23 tofu boards and a productivity level of 15.8% of course it will take a long time and the cutting results are also not the same as each other. Different employee competencies and physical endurance make the tofu cutting process experience different geometric sizes. 

Conventional tofu cutting tools are considered less effective, this conventional system requires a large amount of time and labor. In addition, the use of conventional cutting tools based on the results of filling out the questionnaire, that there are the most dominant complaints with a level of pain complaints with 60% are in the left knee, 70% are in the right shoulder and right knee. The most painful 20% are in the left shoulder, back, and left knee.JamFrom the production side, the problems in terms of financial management are still very simple, so the business that has been run so far is difficult to develop because there is no ability to separate capital and personal money.

Personal doc
Personal doc

The purpose of this service implementation is based on the main performance indicators (IKU) in the research and service strategic plan, namely the cluster optimization of organizations, human resources, infrastructure and facilities, research programs and implementation of science and technology, as well as community empowerment, with the indicator of achievement being increasing the number of research prototypes. and development (Research and Development) such as physical products, digital, and algorithms in the current year on a national scale.Thus, the aim of this program is to seek efficiency in the production process of cutting tofu by designing a soybean grinding machine and training in financial management..

MethodThe chosen service is technical guidance for making machine designs tofu mask. The activity begins with making a tofu marker machine design with computer drawings, followed by the design process, machine testing and machine use training

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