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Hacking on Covid 19 Pandemic Period

16 Mei 2021   12:00 Diperbarui: 28 Mei 2021   13:31 30 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Talking of technology of course is very widely, to enter 4.0 generation, development of technology which sophisticated make the people do very easy  in their activity, example do transaction like  sell and buy, online meeting, until office job which can easy all workers do all job. More all sophistication do work activity especially increase of work  demands in corona virus disease 19 (covid 19) pandemic period, but from that all sophistication many  cyber threats especially in this pandemic period. Of course any person are not responsible who to harmful  many people in all of the world. From the cyber threats that we call as cyber crime, this crime is increasingly happening and one kind of cyber crime which always happened to entering system without permission. 

So how the hackers enter to system network without permission  ? The hackers download a malicious software (malware) and make backdoors or make like enscrypt to enter that several server in computer, then all of hacker hidden their indentity so as not to  get caught.  The all hackers motive is very kind like wants personal interest, revenged to several person, until just wanna have fun. The hackers can move from space cyber to other space cyber, so this  the hacker free go anywhere, especially in covid 19 pandemic period many people get threated from hacking in all of the world such attack to personal data. 

Actually Indonesia have rule of law to prevent hacking crimes, that rule of law is law number 19 of 2016 amandments to the law number 11 of 2008 about information, transaction, and electronics (Undang-Undang ITE), but from all that is not enough because this crimes (hacking) still happened in other days. We need the side of Information, Transaction, and Electronics law which also must give protection for electronic personal data user. Besidely we hope the legislative (DPR-RI) or law maker in this matter personal data law draft (RUU Data Pribadi) can be passed immediately.