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How to Improve Learning Skills

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How to Improve Learning Skills

To improve learning skills, we need to know that we are too often memorizing than try to understanding. Actually, memorization is important but it is not enough if we don’t want to understand it. We can't really rely on memorizing to face the world, because the world keeps moving quickly.

Maybe we often have difficult problems when we try to understand something.  we need to admit it that we don’t know about it instead of memorize it. Because, if we feel ourselves knowing everything, then we aren’t really learning again, and don’t be shy if we can’t solve it. So, if we can’t answer hard questions. we need to find out how to answer it and not pretend to understand it or guess its answer.

To learning effectively, we need to know the concept or basic before we step up too far. It kind like a video game, we need to know the basics, then we can fight with the boss. If we lose, we just need to try again until we ready to fight with the boss. So if we didn’t know the material, it is ok. We just need to try again until we know the concept or basic and step to the next level.