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Sophie Kinsella: Hilarious and Light

15 September 2011   02:18 Diperbarui: 26 Juni 2015   01:57 143 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

I have many books in my collection, varying from comic books, series, magazines, and novels. I rarely count how many books I own, but they are roughly 600, give or take. I used to go to bookstore twice  a month, and since I have bold interest in reading, I end up having large collection of books.

I keep my old comic books, and also keep buying some online (hard to find those old comic books, really); I buy new comic books too, but lately I only keep in track of Detective Conan; I buy novels (waiting for my favorite writers’ new book, or buying others that interest me); so basically my collection is getting piled on.

Do you know about chick lit (chick literature)? Yeah, they are about women’s issues, and some people sometimes asked: why do you read books like that? I thought you are the kind of serious reader. I enjoy chick lit from certain authors, because in my experience, not all chick lit can interest me. I am often intrigued by the title, but yes, don’t judge the book from its cover (literally haha~). Some are so boring that I stopped read them just after a few pages.

Here what I want to talk about is Sophie Kinsella. She is a Londoner, and well, to be honest, that’s why I bought her novel at the first time (soooo me haha~ I love British stuff!). She is being famous for her Confession of Sophaholic, but actually her novels I bought first was Can You Keep A Secret? After reading that, I loved her immediately. The story was hilarious and entertaining, telling you such usual problems we (women) often encounter in a way that we laugh at ourselves. The way she tells a story is so flowing, not jumping in and out like thriller novels.

[picture credit: London Evening Standard]

Then I keep buying her novels. Can You Keep A Secret? is then followed by Confession of A SophaholicThe Undomestic GoddessRemember Me?, and Sophaholic Takes Manhattan. Not until last year that I knew her real name is Madeline Wickham, and Sophie Kinsella is a pen name.


Her stories are not getting around one theme like shopping problem, and that’s why I like it. She wrote about a high flying lawyer who turned out to be a housemaid; a successful business woman who got amnesia; and a girl who can see ghosts! In a way the stories are so personal, you ought to see the personal life of the character, the world around her, the fortunate and unlucky moments, all. Like you are the one experiencing all the things. They are modern women, yes, so the stories run around what we often face these days. And they are not that serious, Kinsella keeps the language light and communicative, with humors here and there, so you’ll tend to laugh between pages.

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