Time - Waktu

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Time - Waktu

They said, "Time heals all wound".

Many seem to be resigned, allowing time to fix things and healing everything.As if no need to try more to heal yourself.

At first, I believed in the power of that time. However, the more days I understand and realize how time works.

Time do nothing to fix, time doesn't heal. Time just makes you forget.  I, just forget the sense of rejection, forget the taste of choice, and forget the sense of abandonment. Once again, time just makes you forget. I am helped by time to forget things that should not be remembered.

Forgetting means it will come back to you sometime. When reading a book, listening to a song, watching a movie, seeing children playing in the park, sitting idly in a coffee shop, wherever, whenever, can recall.

How long will continue like this. It needs to be how busy I am, how strong I am, to forget everything, not the simple.