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Cut Meutia: Woman Hero Came from Aceh

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At 1939, Dutch had to fight Aceh’s warriors until 1942. Aceh’s warriors fought the Dutch in many place with their rencong and swords. Teuku Ben Daud was chief of Aceh warriors. This brave man had a daughter, Cut Nyak Meutia.

Meutia means pearl and Cut Meutia was really as beautiful and bright woman as a pearl. She was a very active girl because she also learned to use rencong and swords like her father. Meutia didn’t like Dutch because she saw many people were killed by Dutch and die. She wants to join fighting, but her father didn’t allow. She could to join fighting if she should have a husband.

Cut Nyak Asiah, a rich lady, had three sons, Teuku Aidit, Teuku Syam Syarif, and Teuku Muhammad. She would like Meutia to be married with Teuku Syam Syarif, and Meutia’s parents promised her. She was very sad after knew that. Meutia was falling in love with Teuku Muhammad, the brave man. She didn’t like Teuku Syam Syarif because he was a weak man and friendly with the Dutch. But she had to accept the marriage because she could not give trouble to her parents. Meutia asked to be divorced from her husband and Cut Asiah could understand about it. At last Meutia was married with Teuku Muhammad and lived in the forest as warriors.

Teuku Muhammad and Meutia began their guerilla wars with the Dutch to take their weapons. Then Meutia had a baby, Raja Sabil, and she stopped fighting. The Dutch general was very angry after heard about the attack at the Piada River and many more Dutch soldiers died. The Dutch had a trick. If Teuku Muhammad didn’t get out of the forest soon, they would capture his mother and send her to a far away place. Teuku Muhammad had to accept it.

Suddenly, Dutch soldiers went inside a ‘surau’ to rest. The Aceh people didn’t like that because ‘surau’ was a place for religious activities. Aceh’s warriors made their attack. A Dutch officer began to suspect Teuku Muhammad as leader and Dutch officer invited him for a friendly talk. He decided to go. But Dutch soldiers came and captured him. The next day, Teuku Muhammad faced his death.

After her husband died, Meutia had her second child. But the baby died soon after it was born. She took Raja Sabil left the village and married with Pang Nangroe, the best warrior, like Teuku Muhammad’s words before he died. Meutia and Pang Nangroe gave much trouble and the Dutch sent special soldiers, Marsose, to surrounded Aceh warriors. Pang Nangroe died because of it and Meutia still free.

She moved from one place to another place and still fought with guerilla tricks. She had to take revenge for lost two husbands. On October 24, 1910, the Dutch found her and she quickly began to attack them. Raja Sabil was saved by Aceh warriors. But Meutia died because three of the soldiers shot her.

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