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Reading Corruptive Behavior from Sambo until Rector of The University of Lampung

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August 2022 is a month of happiness and joy for Indonesian people. The moment of the 77th independence celebration is seen in as a part of the party of Indonesian people, particularly from Sabang until Merauke. The red and white flag has been installed in the yard of every house. It has also flown in the courtyards of government and private institutions without exception. During the independent celebration some activities and a number of gemes are contested.

For at least the last two years people could not not see these annual activities and gemes  because of the pandemic Covid-19. Therefore, this year precisely in the month of August all elementer of society: children, teenagers, and adults mingle to celebrate the happiness without being limited to where they come from and what religion or belief they embrace. In the moment of August 17th, they become "independent" Indonesians that united by celebrating plurality as a nation without being afraid of the threat of the corona virus any more.

"Merdeka" according to the dictionary of Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) is defined as freedom from slavery, colonialism; independent, free, not bound, not dependent on certain people or parties. Portraits of their happiness when celebrating Independent Day  is a form of expression of freedom because this nation has been freed from the grip of colonialism for a long time. The physical and non-physical struggles of the founding fathers, heroes and people produced the positive results which we experience now as a free nation. We continue to express our gratitude and gratitude to God for their hard work. It is for their services that we can breathe the air of independence so that we can still stand tall until this moment.

Soekarno and his friends had a strong desire to be independent from the colonies of other nations. All means are taken so that international law recognizes the independence of Indonesia. Soekarno did not care about the condition of his people, the majority of whom were still stupid, poor and backward. At that time he adhered to the condition that a country is called independent if it has the people, the earth and the government. To educate people to be smart and develop their potensials are the duta of recent generation. By this ways the recent generation can use their human capital and natural resources for Indonesian people's prosperity as maximally as possible. These are as manifestation of young generation's responsibility to fulfill the Indonesian independent.

If looking back to the last struggle of Independence, Soekarno showed that the confidence of the Indonesian people in front of other nations could be found in one of his speeches in front of the people. He said: "We are a big nation, we are not a tempe nation. We will not beg, especially if the aids are bought with these conditions. It had better eat cassava but free from colonialism than eat bestik but to be a slave."

Freedom is an attitude other than mental. An independent nation is a nation that has a strong attitude and mentality to break away from any form of bondage of colonialism and imperialisme. One of the nation's children who has an independent attitude and mentality is Soe Hok Gie. He is an inspiration for today's youth.

In addition, when being an activist he was a student who had a prolific writer who diligently criticized the deviant policies of the Old Order regime. His writings are pithy, spread in several national newspapers in order to organically involve with the people. This young man was very brave even though he also had to surrender to die young. His attitude and idealism was illustrated in his book entitiled A Demonstrator's Note. In the book he wrote: "There are only two choices, to be apathetic or to go with the flow. But, I chose to be a free human!"

The celebration of independence carried out by Indonesian citizens on a massive scale with various competitions in August actually aims to commemorate the spirit of struggle of the founding fathers of the nation. From there, then the love for the homeland (nationalism) can be flourished and developed. The spirit of nationalism will be strong and steadfast if it is born from social solidarity motivated by the same ideology. That is Pancasila which respek to plurality.

Bung Karno once said "My struggle is easier because it is against the invaders, but your struggle will be more difficult because it is against your own nation." Bung Karno's statement did not miss the slightest. What we see and feel today is true. Colonization in this new form is called corruption that invades all sectors of beurocracy of life.

Corruptors are new invaders who rob people of money. The State Budget and Regional Budget are the objects of disbursement by officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Just look at the latest data on KPK hand arrest operations (OTT) against several regional heads for the period January-August 2022, including: Mayor of Bekasi, Regent of North Penajam Paser, Regent of Langkat, Regent of Tabanan, Regent of Bogor, Mayor of Ambon, Former Mayor of Yogyakarta , Governor of Riau, and Regent of Pemalang (11/8/2022)

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