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Is Pancasila Still Relevant as the Ideology of the Indonesian State and Nation?

12 September 2022   19:23 Diperbarui: 12 September 2022   19:59 100 2 0
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Is Pancasila Still Relevant as the Ideology of the Indonesian State and Nation?

Before discussing whether Pancasila is still relevant as the ideology of the state and the Indonesian nation, we need to know what Pancasila is as a state ideology. In the Great Dictionary of Indonesian, ideology is defined as a collection of systemic concepts that are used as a principle of opinion that provides direction and purpose for survival.  Ideology is a set of systems believed by every citizen in the life of society, nation, and state.  Pancasila as the ideology of the Indonesian state can have a meaning, namely when Pancasila is used as a basic principle that becomes a reference in running the country. In carrying out the laws and regulations governing the state until the relationship of citizens with the state must be in accordance with the values of Pancasila.  Pancasila was chosen to be the ideology of the Indonesian nation and state through a long process involving the culture, religion, and thoughts of the nation's leaders.

The nature of Pancasila as a state ideology has three dimensions. First, the dimension of reality implies that the basic values contained in Pancasila are derived from real values that live in society, both social and state life. Second, is the dimension of ideality that contains the ideals to be achieved in various aspects of social life, nation, and state. Third, the dimension of flexibility contains relationships or forces that encourage society to develop new thoughts about the basic values contained in Pancasila. Thus, Pancasila as an ideology is open because it is democratic and contains internal dynamics that invite and encourage citizens to float new thoughts, without worrying about losing their essence.

Pancasila as an open ideology is still relevant in the current era. An era where the interconnectedness between the people of one nation and the people of another nation so that the world community becomes more open.  Pancasila has universal values in the five precepts so that it has high flexibility and is able to survive at all times. Pancasila's resilience to changing eras is not only supported by the dimension of flexibility but also by the dimension of reality and ideality.

The value of Pancasila can still be found in social life. For example, the first precept of "Belief in the one and only God" can be found in the religious life of Indonesian people in various forms of belief and belief in the existence of supernatural powers.  The second precept of "A just and civilized humanity" can be found in terms of mutual respect and respect for the rights of others, not being arbitrary.  The third precept of "Unity of Indonesia" can be found in the form of solidarity, a sense of loyalty to friends, and a sense of love for the homeland which is tangible in loving domestic products.  The fourth precept "Democracy, led by the wisdom of the representatives of the people" can be found in the form of respecting the opinions of others, and the spirit of deliberation in making decisions. The fifth precept of "Social justice for all Indonesian people" is reflected in a helpful attitude, living a simple lifestyle, and not being conspicuous or excessive.

Of course, Pancasila in the present day has challenges from various world ideologies in global culture, such as the element of individualism in liberalism that is not in accordance with the principle of mutual cooperation value in the precepts of "Social justice for all Indonesian people", elements of atheism contained in the ideology of Marxism or communism contrary to the precepts of the Supreme Godhead One.  In addition, terrorism and drugs threaten the ideology of the state.  Acts of terrorism with its ideology spread threats to the unity of the nation so as to threaten the disintegration of the nation.  Drug abuse among the younger generation can damage their future so it has implications for the sustainability of state life in Indonesia. In addition to citizens, state organizers are an important key to a clean and authoritative government system so the state apparatus must also understand and implement Pancasila as the ideology of the state consistently.

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