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Things Asian Parents Do

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Being Chinese and Christian has a significant impact on us as a minority in Indonesia in terms of conveying values, traditions, and beliefs. My grandmother and grandfather used to communicate in Mandarin, and they obviously want to teach the language to all of their children. Mandarin was not permitted to be taught in Indonesian schools at the time, particularly in Jakarta. 

As a result, six of their children are unable to speak Mandarin, and despite being an Indonesian Chinese, I had to enroll in a Mandarin course in order to acquire the language. 

However, this occurred as a result of an intercultural communication compromise. because we are forced to choose when faced with culturally diverse views, values, or moral standards. Because we wanted to successfully handle the situation at the time and avoid a disagreement among Indonesians, especially the Government, we sacrificed our own language and even the principles included within it.

Nevertheless, we may still enjoy our traditional new year's celebration, or "Imlek." My parents continue to convey these principles to me in this situation. Giving hong bao or angpao, for instance, at Chinese New Year. have to eat pig, ronde, and experience the holiday with my family. 

Even though nearly none of us speak Mandarin, we can all figure out some of what my grandparents are saying when they speak mandarin. Even though they are the only ones who can speak Mandarin and are familiar with all of our cultural values and traditions, we would still learn about them from our grandparents.

Being serious in our studies, getting good grades in school, and starting our own business when we get older are all values that my mother taught in us and that we still follow now.

Asian parents place a lot of importance on their children's academic performance and their development into successful adults, but unfortunately they fail to remember that we also have our own difficulties, including mental health problems, anger, anxiety, and other things. 

They didn't pay attention to our feelings; they simply focused on how we should live for the future. However, I thought that Asian parents today were more educated and understanding, and that this finally led to them being better parents. I also thought that they did those things because they genuinely loved us.

Lastly, a Christmas celebration! We celebrate Christmas with our small family and attend religious services every year. Giving gifts, exhange gifts with siblings and giving Christmas hong bao is a tradition that is passed down from my parents to their children. 

Together, we pray, eat, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. At our home and church, we study Scripture together and sing songs of praise and adoration to God. The best and happiest time of the year is now. Every year, I would also play the piano and sing the Christmas carol. We respect our religion and tradition by celebrating Christmas every year.


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