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Australia & British is Fishing in Murky Water

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Not only British, Australia also kept fishing in murky water. Individuals on both of those countries seem not to be willing to see Papua as of Indonesian territories. In fact, after the Act of Free Choice (PEPERA) which held by United Nations in 1969, it is undeniable that Papua has became part of the Indonesia Republic territory. So, any movement to separate Papua from Indonesia, including any foreign interference should be categorized as a rebellion movement that must be eradicated.

A horrendous news blows from Australia. The news published by Fairfax media networks, and followed by The Canberra Times mention about a secret report of the Papuan separatist written by the Indonesian military's elite unit, KOPASSUS. The report claims the existences of armed groups are on alert for guerrilla warfare. But the report revealed that the group had only one weapon for every 10 people.

Even more worrisome, the report is based on an extensive surveillance operation within the Papua special autonomy area. This report also contains documents about the key figures in the Papuan independence movement. Not only that, the report also revealed a number of names of politicians, academics, journalists, social workers and religious leaders from around the world who support the separatist movement in Papua. Among them were US Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, British Parliament Member Andrew Smith and former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare.

The rise of Free Papua Organization Movement (OPM) must be addressed with caution. It is known that in order to smooth their goals to detach from Indonesian Republic, OPM also gathering support from abroad, one of which is British. International Parliamentary for West Papua (IPWP) was launched at the House of Commons, London, England at 15th October 2008, their aims is to support the right for self-determination for the Papuans. IPWP is also supported by two members of the British Parliament, Andrew Smith MP and Lord Harries.

Those two parliament member also seems to keep in touch with Benny Wenda, one of the main figures behind the liberation movement of West Papua. Benny Wenda also claimed himself to be the West Papuan independence leader.

To that end, Indonesia government is expected to call the British Ambassador for Indonesia. Recently known, one of the causes for the emergence of Free Papua Organization Movement was at the initiative of one individual member of the British Parliament. There is a member of the British Parliament who facilitates the conference for the International Parliamentary for West Papua (IPWP) in the England.Ironically, British should be one country that is friendly to Indonesia.

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