Zamzami Nasr
Zamzami Nasr

Jak-Juventini \r\nFaculty of Economics and Management Science, IIUM, Gombak, Malaysia.\r\n




Educated Person can develop the economy of the country, do you agree?

4 Januari 2011   15:06 Diperbarui: 26 Juni 2015   09:58 82 0 5

There is no doubt that educated people can help their countries to develop the economy. However, not surprisingly educated people can take advantage of the country’s wealth properly because they have the great knowledge as well as justification.

First of all, education is one of the integral parts to develop the country. Through education, everyone can get much knowledge, more experiences, and can also make their mind-set much better. As can be seen in advanced countries, the government gives much attention to education and much respect to educated people because they know that can develop the country economically.

By being educated, people will have more opportunities to get a job or even get involved in the government. Consequently they will have much more to do to their countries, such as by being businessmen who can expand their business abroad, so country will get income from it, or they can get involved in the government to hence they can take full advantage of their countries’ wealth allowing them to serve their countries and develop them.

In conclusion, countries can develop their economy by developing the education. With more knowledge and experiences, everyone will have much to do for their countries’ sake.