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What Would I Do to Fight The Coronavirus If I were The President of Indonesia?

7 April 2020   06:32 Diperbarui: 7 April 2020   06:50 2 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The outbreak of the corona virus or covid-19 in Indonesia has been rapidly increasing across the land. It has caused the world to shake on its knees not knowing how to prevent this to happen furthermore. The virus has taken a toll on the amount of death rate and infection cases for the span of over just several weeks since it has started. Many of us are worried about this growing situation as our daily life activities with social and economic have also been disrupted and took a serious hit. 

The governments of the world have been taking apart as well to stop this the growth of the numbers and has since been giving instructions and guidelines for us citizens to stay aware of the virus and take care of ourselves. Recently, President Jokowi has also planned and gave strategies to better prevent the virus from spreading further out of Jakarta as the epicenter of Indonesia's corona virus infection such as regional quarantine, civil emergency, sanctions, and incentives for citizens who wanted to migrate back to their hometown because their economic supply has been shut down as an impact. With it, what's left still missing that we could do as final resort if it isn't as effective as it was thought to be?

Well if i were to be the president of Indonesia, the first thing that i would do is to continue all of the progress the current Indonesian government had made. Along with that, i would take a closer care of the victims who are infected with corona virus with the people within their circle. 

We have heard that there are tragic stories of some people who had their family members passed away because of the virus and no one came after to their funeral because of the condition. We are giving free help for all of them who are in need by giving donations and social support. In return, gathering data from victims or their related about the illness symptoms might also a good help to find a medicine to prevent the corona virus from spreading in our bodies.

The second thing i would want is to normalise and obligate the use of surgical mask. Some people might think that instead of doing this, why don't we just lockdown the country as doing it will fix all of the problems we have currently? In reality, we could not take that route as our country's national economy is not stable enough. 

A full lockdown could cause more problems especially for the people who are already suffering from gaining little to no income might suffer even more.  As a substitute and countermeasure at the same time, having everyone in public using a mask might give it a cut. Wearing masks are proven to avoid the corona virus 70% of the time and we can see China as a proof of this point.

Other then social distancing, most people in China used their mask everytime they went out and they seem to fit themselves into this to fight the virus. The growth curves in China has since then almost diminished as an impact of their civillian effort to move along with the instructions to avoid the virus at all cost.