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Ilmu Sosbud & Agama

Pancasila is The Present

1 Desember 2021   18:55 Diperbarui: 1 Desember 2021   18:57 17 0 0
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Ilmu Sosbud dan Agama. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS

       Most people think pancasila is an ideology, but pancasila is actually a commitment, a deal, a reflection or a picture of the future of the direction to go to the people of Indonesia.

       If a person is unsure of his way, one of the solutions can view Google maps, pancasila would be analogy with Google maps, since the deep values implied in pancasila are like a navigation system, like a navigating system, to welfare and welfare countries.

       But now The Times have changed, with unbridled lust and ego and many who seem to know, many are now beginning to find shortcuts and result in deception and misery, the values in pancasila are now tarnished, degraded, eroded, eaten, fed by the greed of capitalists, elites and those who have the money.

       In the end we had to give up our dreams and hopes, we now had to take comfort in the harsh reality we had to accept, because the pancasila norma2 had been forgotten and adorned only, the land that we had been wishing for, was now only a fantasy, and even more bitterly, it was never real.

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