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How to Play Zombie Tsunami Like a Pro

4 Maret 2020   20:54 Diperbarui: 4 Maret 2020   20:56 5 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Some tips how to play Zombie Tsunami like a pro on Android/IOS easily are to get coins and diamonds for free without buying. For these of you who have just downloaded the Zombie Tsunami game, you will definitely experience difficulties when you first play this game tense. There are several steps to be a good player.

Some of users can't wait to use the items available on the store. So that makes them look for ways to get brain, bonus, coin and diamond. First you will be treated to some rules and how to play Zombie Tsunami like a pro. If you already understand the steps you can skip the tutorial. After that you have to remember the guidelines given in the Zombie Tsunami game. So if there is a short hole you can jump by pressing your android screen quickly, while a hole that is far away can directly press the screen for the longer.

Next, if there are trash cans, cars containing people and also people standing on the road please feel free to just eat or hit by Zombie (your team). Watch for zombies that are needed enough to destroy trash cans and cars that contain people in it so that your zombie don't die. Then there are bombs or explosives, please avoid as fast as smooth as possible, but it is difficult to pass, you can just hit the bomb if you have enough zombies to have a life saved to spare your zombie life when dead. If you want to destroy are planes, buses or large barrels you can using UFO, tsunami or turn into a zombie monster as a bonuses. Furthermore, if there is a question box please take it by jumping so that your zombie can turn into a tsunami.

Don't forget to take coins when you play Zombie Tsunami, because the coins you will use to buy various purpose in the store or new skin, while the way to get Zombies Tsunami you can complete missions in the box mission are changing every day.

The conclusion this is another way how to play Zombie Tsunami like a pro and to get unlimited diamonds is very easy, you only need to install the latest application and if your phone has another Zombie Tsunami then you can just delete it then install the latest version and play according to the instructions. Later the diamonds will be unlimited automatically. Thank you-